Hints for online tests

Browser and computer updates

Make sure your browser is up to date – Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer are all supported browsers with the Learning Management System (LMS). Currently Chrome and Safari browsers provide the most stable experience.

Run Software Update to install the latest updates.

Ensure you are getting automatic updates. It’s a good idea to make sure your antivirus software is up to date as well, since spyware might interfere with you taking the test.

Internet connection

Make sure you have a reliable and fast Internet connection – If you lose your Internet connection you’ll be booted out of the test. If you are on campus, your best option is a wired network connection, since wireless connections can be unstable. Use a lab or library computer to take your test instead of using wireless on a laptop, tablet or mobile device. Access labs have computers in many campus locations that you can use.

Minimize interruptions

Turn off your browser pop-up blockers or add the sydney.edu.au URL to the allowed list in your browser.

Turn off instant messaging and notifications from social networking sites (Facebook/Twitter), email notifications or other programs that may distract you from the test or interfere with it.

Plan your time– Give yourself time to take the test, accounting for any technical problems that may occur. Once you enter a test, do not leave the test or do anything else until you’re finished.

  • Commit your full attention to the test and don’t try to multitask.
  • Do not use your mobile to take the tests online. We recommend you use a fixed computer location.

If you encounter technical issues with your test, please contact the Helpdesk via email or ring ICT on 9351 6000 and ask for elearning help.