Assignments in your LMS website

If you are required to submit assignments or written assessment work online, there are two types of assignment submission tools in the Learning Management System (LMS):

  • Blackboard assignment submission
  • Turnitin assignment submission

Your unit of study coordinator will advise in your uos outline if online submission of your assignment is required, and the faculty guidelines for submission of assessment.

Blackboard assignment submission

From the left-hand menu, select the content area that holds the assignment. For example, your instructor might create an Assignments content area. Most UoS websites within a Faculty will have their assignment located in the same area in each website.

  1. Select or click the name of the assignment.
  2. On the Assignment submission page, review the instructions, due date, and download any files provided by your uos coordinator or lecturer.
  3. Upload your assignment as a digital file by selecting Browse My Computer and select a file to attach. Follow the instructions your instructor provided for naming your file.
  4. If you select the wrong file, you can remove it by clicking Do not attach.
  5. If your instructor is using a rubric and has made it available, click View Rubric to view the grading criteria.
  6. Click Submit.

Text Submission assignment

You can complete the assignment using text submission without attaching a file:

  • Click Write Submission to expand the Text Submission box where you can type your response. You can use the content editor to format text, add files, images, links, multimedia, and mashups.
  • It is recommended strongly that you write the text for this in a text file first, before cut and pasting into the text box.
  • Click Submit.


  • When you finish uploading your assignment, you must click Submit. If you do not, your instructor will not receive your completed assignment.
  • If your instructor has not allowed multiple attempts, you can submit your assignment only once. Before you click Submit, be sure that you have attached any required files to your assignment.