Within a unit of study (uos) site, there may be both whole class and smaller group discussions. Only people enrolled in the uos have access to the discussions.

It is important to be aware that discussion boards within a uos site have different levels of privacy. Group discussion boards can be read only by group members and the instructors and tutors. Only people enrolled in the uos have access to the whole class discussions.

You can access whole class discussions from the Discussions link in the course menu or from a link on one of your uos website pages. All students enrolled in the uos have access to these discussion forums.

Group discussions can be accessed through the Group tool. Only group members (as well as tutors and instructors) can see group discussions.

Screenshot of groups with discussions

Screenshot of groups with discussions

Forums and threads

The discussions page will have one or more 'forums' created by the site instructor. Students cannot create new forums for class discussions. Students can create forums in group discussions.

Within each forum are 'threads'. Students may be able to create new threads if this feature has been enabled by the site instructor. To contribute to a forum you can create a new thread or open an existing thread and reply.

To read all posts in a forum as a single view, select all threads and click on 'collect'.

Discussion forum screenshot

Discussion forum screenshot in the LMS

Subscribe to forums and threads

You can subscribe to discussion forums and threads in individual UoS websites, but only if this function has been enabled by your lecturer. You will need to approach your lecturer to request they enable discussion board subscription to threads and forums if it is not turned on.

If subscription to forums has been enabled, you will see a 'subscribe' button above the threads. When subscription to threads is enabled, you will see a 'subscribe' button in the dropdown menu above the discussion board.

Subscription to forum button

Subscription to forum button screenshot