Example of an uos website

On the left-hand side of your unit of study (uos) website there will be a menu containing links to different areas and a variety of tools. On the right-hand side is the content area of your website. Both sides will often link to the same area in your website. You can navigate to other areas of the site by clicking on the links. While your uos websites from the same faculty will often look similar, different faculties have different layouts for their websites.

Example of a content homepage from a unit of study website

Example of a content homepage from a unit of study website

Common areas in your uos website

Assessments - Tests and assignment submission.

Content / unit of study content - Usually contain links to the unit of study outline and information organised into folders or learning modules. E.g: lecture notes, other learning material(s), recorded lectures and other links.

Discussions - There can be a number of discussion threads for your uos. Group discussions are for groups only and appear in the 'My groups' area of your left-hand menu.

Notifications and announcements - Updates to your uos websites. These notifications occur automatically when your coordinator or colleagues post to discussions or the UoS websites with new course material, grades and assessment tasks. New announcements appear in the notifications area of your uos website.