Journals are usually used as a reflective or observational exercise in learning. Your lecturer may set an assignment in which you are required to keep a journal, and then use a piece of writing from that journal as your assignment submission.

Most journals are private and shared only between you and your lecturers. Other students have no access to your individual journal. Your lecturer can make a journal 'public' so that is viewable by other enrolled students in your uos website, but they will be unable to comment on your journal. Only your lecturer or tutor will be able to comment on your journal. Feedback would be at your lecturer's or tutor's discretion.

Not all uos websites contain a journal. They may be used in your uos website as assessment, or available for personal use.

Using journals in the mobile app

Make timely use of your journal by using the Blackboard app on your mobile device. Upload a photographic record from your lab or jot your thoughts and handy references down while you are on the go. You and your lecturer can also access and comment on your journal through the mobile app.

Login to the app and select your Unit of Study from the list of your units. Your journal should appear in the menu.