The notifications page is often the entry page for uos websites. These notifications often relate to a particular uos website, and display recent discussion postings, assignments, online tests and tasks appearing.

On the 'My Units of Study' page you can see the announcements from all of your uos websites and any University-wide announcements that have been posted.

The Notifications dashboard collates updates and notifications from all your courses and displays them on the one page. To access the Notification Dashboard for all your courses - select the tab next to your 'My Units of Study' once you have logged into the University LMS.

You can refresh your notifications by choosing the 'Refresh' or the 'Dismiss' option from your dropdown menu inside the alert module.

Examples of alert modules are:

  • Announcements is a list of announcements made by your lecturer. Your lecturer also has the option to send the announcement via email to your email.
  • To do is a list of tasks, assignment due dates and test reminders.
  • What's New contains new content added to the uos website.
Screenshot of a Notification page in the LMS

Notifications page in an individual UoS.