Precinct renewal

The Engineering and Technology Precinct renewal project

The University of Sydney is home to some of the city’s iconic architecture. Our oldest buildings date from the 1850s and still delight and inspire students, staff, and visitors today.
Our vision is to create a vibrant and engaging campus that meets the recreational, cultural, research and educational needs of those who work and study here, and for those who live in the surrounding communities.

It is this vision that drives our ongoing investment into new and improved infrastructure and services and helps us to attract the brightest people to the University. The investment we are making into our infrastructure today will allow us to deliver excellence in teaching and research far into the future.

The Engineering and Technology precinct is undergoing a multimillion-dollar revitalisation project that will provide an environment in which our leading researchers and students can thrive and realise their full potential. The project will include new multidisciplinary learning and research spaces that reflect our culture of innovation and scholarship.

This project, along with other significant projects in the University’s Campus Improvement Program, will position Sydney as an educational gateway to the world and home to Australia’s leading educational institution.

“The Engineering and Technology precinct revitalisation project will transform not only our physical environment, but also improve our ability to collaborate and engage with students, researchers, industry, alumni and the broader community.”

- Professor Archie Johnston
Dean, Faculty of Engineering and Information Technologies