Sydney University Fluid Dynamics Group.

Mission :

Investigate, analyse, simulate and discover the behaviour of fluid motion on its many different levels. Applications undertaken cover ranges of Reynolds No, Mach No, Knudsen No, Weber No; fluid properties cover Newtonian, non-Newtonian, multiphase, continuum and rarefied; solution methods cover experiment, CFD, DSMC and analytical processes.

Promote the dissemination of discoveries and expand the knowledge of fluid dynamics for all levels, researchers, students and the general public.

Members :

  • Steve Armfield Professor, FluD Director
    -- Computational Fluid Dynamics; DNS, LES and Navier-Stokes solvers; Experimental Fluids; Stratified flows.
  • Wenxian Lin ARC Research Associate, Flud Secretary
    -- CFD; Stratified flows.
  • Doug Auld Snr Lecturer, Executive Member
    -- DSMC; Experimental Flow Research; Wind Turbines.
  • David Galloway Snr Lecturer, Executive Member
  • David Ivers Lecturer, Executive Member
  • Ron James Associate Professor, Executive Member
  • Charlie Macaskill Associate Professor, Executive Member
  • Srinivas Snr Lecturer, Executive Member
    -- CFD; Gas dynamics; Finite Volume TVD schemes; Transonic flows; Optimisation.
  • Sujin Jiracheewanun Postgraduate Student
    -- CFD.
  • Morteza Nateghi Postgraduate Student
    -- CFD.
  • Jenny Rollo Postgraduate Student
    -- CFD; Analysis of Fans
  • Peter Rollo Postgraduate Student
    -- Experimental Design and Analysis of Fans
  • Joel Tenne Postgraduate Student
    -- CFD.
  • Nicholas Williamson Postgraduate Student
    -- CFD.

Upcoming Events:

  • Flud Group Seminars, Wed 2pm.
    Location : Mech Eng Conference Room, J07
    Contact us for details : Executive