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Undergraduate Opportunities

  • ADVENT is inviting suitable final year students interested in the areas of CFD, Multidisciplinary Design Optimisation, structural optimisation  and Evolutionary Algorithms to join and get involved with the research group.

  • If you are interested in a particular area of design and want to get involved with the group please contact Luis F. Gonzalez (, to define possible undergraduate thesis topics.

The following is a list of previous undergraduate thesis topics:

MDO Optimisation

  • UAV Multidisciplinary Design Optimisation.  

  • Propeller Design and Optimisation using Evolutionary Algorithms.

  • Single and multi-element aerofoil design  optimisation using Evolutionary Algorithms.

  • Re-entry vehicle optimisation using DSMC and Evolutionary Algorithm.

  • UAV trajectory Optimisation using Evolutionary Algorithms.


  • Exhaust Blown-flap design 

  • Transonic wing transonic design

  • Formula 3 rear wing design

Wind Tunnel Testing

  • Wind tunnel testing of optimised UAV aerofoils.