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Academic Staff of the School of Aerospace, Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering

The School of Aerospace, Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering has 29 academic staff, 42 research staff and 25 support staff. Current staff are listed below with information on their primary area of research or responsibility.

Academic (Teaching and Research) Staff


Field of Expertise/Responsibility

Head of School

Steven ARMFIELD   BSc Flin PhDProfessor, Computational Fluid Mechanics


Julie CAIRNEY  B.Met.Eng PhD UNSWDeputy Director of Australian Centre for Microscopy & Microanalysis, Materials Characterisation
Gregory CHAMITOFF  BS Cal Poly MS Caltech PhD MIT MS UHCL, AssocFAIAA Lawrence Hargrave Professor of Aeronautical Engineering, Spacecraft Dynamics and Control, Autonomous Vehicles
Qing LI  BE ME Hunan ME UTS PhDARC Future Fellow, Biomedical Engineering
Xiaozhou LIAO  BSc Huaqiao MSc Dalian PhDARC Future Fellow, Transmission Electron Microscopy
Yiu-wing MAI  BSc(Eng) PhD DSc HonDSc HK DEng, AM FRS FREng FAA FTSE FHKEng FWIF FASME FHKIEUniversity Chair and Personal Chair in Mechanical Engineering, Advanced Materials and Fracture Mechanics
Assaad R MASRI  BE PhD ARC Australian Professorial Fellow, Combustion
Eduardo NEBOT  BS Bahia Blanca MS PhD Colorado State Director, Australian Center for Field Robotics, Field Robotics
Simon Peter RINGER  BAppSc, 1986, Uni SA; PhD, 1991, UNSW; CPEng, FIEAust, MIMEA.(Madsen) Phase transformations and properties of materials
Andrew RUYS  BE(Hons I) PhD UNSWBiomedical Engineering
Salah SUKKARIEH  BE PhDSpace Engineering
Roger I TANNER  BSc Brist MS Calif PhD Manc, FRS FAA FTSE FASME HonFIEAust FAFMSPN Russell Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Rheology
Liyong TONG  BSc MEngSc Dalian PhD BUAA, FIEAust MAIAAFEA, Composite & Intelligent Structures
Stefan WILLIAMS  BASc Wat PhD ARC Future Fellow, Mechatronics
Lin YE  BSc Harbin MS PhD BUAA, FTSEComposite Materials, Director CAMT
Hala ZREIQAT  Bsc(Hons) Jordan PhD UNSWNH&MRC Senior Research Fellow, Tissue Engineering and Biomaterials Research

Associate Professor

Colin DUNSTAN  BSc, MSc UNSW, PhDBone Biology and Biomaterials
Peter GIBBENS   BE, PhD Ncle(NSW), MAIAAFlight Mechanics
Ahmad JABBARZADEH  BE, MES, PhDRheology and Molecular Simulation
Michael KIRKPATRICK  BE PhD MIEAust Thermo-Fluids Engineering
David C RYE  BE Adel PhD Field Robotics

Senior Lecturer

Douglass J AULD  BSc, BE(Hons), MEngSc, PhDAerospace Engineering
Graham BROOKER  B.Sc M.Sc (Eng) Wits PhDMillimetre Wave Radar
Matthew CLEARY  BE(Mech) BE(Nav Arch) PhDCombustion
Hong-yuan LIU  (P/T) Materials
Ian MANCHESTER  BE(Hons I) PhD UNSW Control, Optimization, Robotics
Ben THORNBER  MEng Edin MSS ISU MSc Imperial PhD Cranfield, CEng MRAeS FHEAAerodynamics
Dries VERSTRAETE  BSc MSc (MechEng) MSc (AeroEng) PhD Cranfield Aerospace Design


Li CHANG  BSc ME Tsinghua, PhD KaiserlauternAdvanced Materials and Precision Manufacturing
Matthew DUNN  BE PhDCombustion
Gareth VIO  BEng (Hons) PhD ManAeroelasticity
Nicholas WILLIAMSON  BE Auckland PhDFluid Mechanics
Xiaofeng WU  BE NWPU PhD LboroSpace Engineering

Associate Lecturer

Philip BOUGHTON  BE UNSW PhDBiomedical Engineering and Device Development
Paul BRIOZZO  BE UTSMachine Design, Crashworthiness, Rapid Prototyping, CNC Machining
Rodney FIFORD  BE(Hons) PhDFSAE, Mechanical Design and Sustainability

Emeritus Professor

Robert W BILGER  BSc BE NZ DPhil Oxf, FAA FTSE FIEAust FAFMSEmeritus Professor of Mechanical Engineering - Combustion
Graeme BIRD  BSc, ME, PhD, Foreign Assoc. NAE (USA), FTSE, Fellow AIAA,FRAeS, FIE (Aust)Molecular Gas Dynamics
Grant STEVEN  BSc (Hons 1) Glas DPhil Oxf, FIE(Aust) FRAeS FTSEFEA and Software Development

Visiting Professor

John Dennis BOBYN  BSc MEng McGill PhD TorontoOrthopaedic biomaterials and biomechanics, hip and knee joint replacement implant design, implant fixation, tissue response and bone remodeling, implant wear and retrieval analysis
Jang-kyo KIM  B.Sc.Eng Seoul M.Eng.Sc. Monash PhDAdvanced Materials
Anthony KINLOCH  BSc (Hons) PhD DSc (Eng) Lond , CChem CEng FRSC FIMMM FIMechE FCGI FREng FRSAdhesion and Adhesives, Toughened Polymers and the Fracture of Polymers and Fibre-composites
Toshio TANIMOTO  M.-Eng. Dr.-Eng DoshishaFibre Composites
Gordon WILLIAMS   BSc (Eng) Phd DSc Lond, FRS FCGI FREng FIMechE FIMFracture Mechanics and Advanced Materials

Honorary Professor

Arthur BRANDWOOD  Biomedical Devices
Paul CARTER  BSc Exeter PhD S’tonBioelectronics
Xinquan JIANG  Regenerative Medicine for dental and bone restoration
John H KENT  BE MEngSc PhD, FIEAustThermo-fluids

Adjunct Associate Professor

David Rhett BUTLER  BE (Mechanical) Sydney MEngSc Sydney/UNSW MBA Deakin MScSoc UNSWWater Quality

Honorary Associate Professor

Kurosh PARSI  MBBS Sydney MSc(Med) PhD UNSW, FACD FACPFluid Mechanics

Honorary Associate

Surjani UTHAYAKUMARAN  BSc MSc Madr, PhDRheology


Brian COTTERELL  Materials
Ron HOUGHTON  Aviation Technology
Karkenahalli SRINIVAS  BE Bangalore ME PhD IIScCFD, Bio fluid flows
Giang TRAN  Biomedical Engineering (Tissue Engineering)

------- Academic (Research Only) Staff -------

ARC Future Fellow

Yanbo WANG  TEM of Nanomaterials

University of Sydney Postdoctoral Fellow

Xianghai AN  In-situ deformation TEM of Materials

University of Sydney Bridging Fellow

Wei LI  Biomechanics

Postdoctoral Fellow

Quantian LUO  Smart Structures
Sten STARNER  (P/T) Combustion

NHMRC Early Career Fellow

Zufu LU  Tissue Engineering
Yogambha RAMASWAMY  Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Yong Juan CHEN  Biomedical Engineering
Markus Benjamin FLAIG  Fluid Dynamics
Kunkun FU  Computer Simulation
Mohammad Saiful ISLAM  (P/T) Materials Science and Engineering
Seyediman ROOHANIESFAHANI  PhD Tissue Engineering & Biomaterials
Fatemehsadat SALEHI  Computations of Turbulent Combustion
Lin YANG  (P/T) Nano material & Nano mechanics

Research Associate

Xusheng DU  (P/T) Functional Nanomaterials
Jiefeng GAO  Polymer Nanocomposite
Mrinal JUDDOO  (P/T) Combustion
Tanzeen SULTANA  (P/T) Thermo-Fluids Engineering

------- General Staff --------

Finance Manager

Christy WANG  

Administrative Officer

Vinita MARTIN  Head of School Office
Bronwyn SEXTON  Postgraduate Studies and Marketing

Education Support Coordinator

Wendy LIANG  Undergraduate Studies

Finance Officer

Shirley ALI  

Administrative Assistant

Elaine LUU  
Dannielle WILLIAMS   (P/T)

Computer Support

Peter NGUYEN  

Research Assistant

Barbara JAMES  (Casual - P/T) Tissue Engineering and Biomaterials

Senior Technical Officer

Greg ELDER  
Duncan STENGER   AMME Workshop Manager

Technical Officer

Shao Cong DAI  Casual
Robert FALLOWS  
Stanley KARKADA  
Alexander MASSEY  

Technical Assistant

Daniel LANCASTER  Casual
John POTTS  

------- Research Only Staff (Madsen Building) -------

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Vijay BHATIA  (Madsen)