University of Sydney’s Formula SAE-Australia 2011 results

Tuesday, 20th December 2011

The SAE team are thrilled and more than a little releived to have returned from Melbourne having placed fourth in the 2011 Formula SAE competition – an amazing result to end a big year. This is the fourth year that we have used an Aprilia engine, it seems somehow appropriate that we should come fourth. The field consisted of 24 local and overseas teams. Doing well in Australia has to be seen as an achievement, at least because since 2004 three local teams have at times been the world’s best. These have been Wollongong, RMIT and University of WA. This year our team has shown the attributes necessary to finally turn an inspiration that came to us in 2008 into a reliable, fast and drivable car. We have built a great deal on the imagination, hard work and progress of past teams. There have been quite a few baffling problems that have baulked our progress, but ultimately this year thanks to intelligent and persistent good work, most plans have reached fruition.

Our car chasing the University of Wollongong’s car, during the endurance event.

Many of the members that are graduating this year have been in the team for three years. Each ‘year’ really begins in the previous December and ends in the current December. In 2011 the team has met during the week before Semester I, to debrief, discuss and distribute tasks. Designs were analyzed and manufacture got under got under way, before the July break. The almost completely new car was on the road to be tested and developed before the end of August.

Our successful 2011 team with many 3rd years students preparing for the 2012 comp

There have been many junior students, technicians and academics that have been very helpful, to whom we are grateful, but here I will just mention the thesis team that will graduate, the drivers and one resident technician.

  • Edward Jarvie – Frame & suspension, team co-leader, inspiring, pushy & committed
  • Gwylim Johnstone - Shafts & engine
  • Clare Young – Human resources & management (an honorary and valued member)
  • Alex Chen – Electronics, data logger, ECU, wiring & potential driver, an important chap
  • Ted Hackney – everything about brakes and good fun
  • Jonathan Stables – Lubrication & cooling system, provided a revealing piece of work
  • Benn Reid – Futuristic drive shafts & the reincarnation of Ben Hur on the track
  • Brayden Mead – Aerodynamics, lift & drag and the Pinin Farina of our styling department
  • Jordan McCulloch – Suspension & frame flexure properties, possessing great strength
  • Daniel Bartos – Air intake, the most in-depth & complete engine modeling.
  • Shannon Beneforti – Design & manufacture of advanced practical wheel uprights
  • Luke Henry – Research & testing into novel, light and cheap wheel centers
  • Camel Wilson – Steering system, a very difficult mechanism to perfect.
  • Hamish Johnstone - a very quick and scary driver
  • Ian Salteri –a very quick and less scary driver
  • Greg Elder – most excellent machinist, test driver and advisor in all things practical.

Andrei Lozzi
Academic advisor

The Final Results Table for SAE 2011.