AEROMECH Staff and Pg student list

Contact information for ACFR staff is available from:

TITLE    NAMEOffice No.Building No.TelephoneEmailPosition
Mr Hamdy Researcher
Mr Saeed
Mr Mahmoud
Ms Shirley ALIlev Officer
Mr Stein
Dr Abdul Malik Lecturer
Ms Amie Norfreeda
Dr Xianghai of Sydney Postdoctoral Fellow
Mr Matthew
Mr Adhi
Mr Morris
Professor Steven
Mr James
Mr Muhammad Awais
Mr Robert AUGHTERSON106F099036
Dr Douglass J Lecturer
Mr Layth
Mr Daniel
Mr Ronald
Dr Vijay BHATIA268F099036 Research Associate
Mrs Sonia BINTE
Professor Graeme BIRD Professor
Professor John Dennis BOBYNjohn.bobyn@mcgill.caHonorary Professor
Dr Philip Lecturer
Professor Arthur BRANDWOOD Professor
Mr Paul Lecturer
Dr Graham Lecturer
Mr Jonathan Daniel
Dr Christopher
Dr Mitch
Mr David Rhett Associate Professor
Mr Zhemin
Professor Julie
Dr Paul CARTER pcarter@cochlear.comHonorary Professor
Dr Anna Vallarta CEGUERRA237AF099036 Research Associate
Professor Gregory Hargrave Professor of Aeronautical Engineering (P/T)
Ms Annabelle
Dr Li Lecturer
Mr Yuan
Mr Prasad
Mr Zibin
Ms Yujie
Mr Yuan Student
Dr Yong Juan Research Associate/(P/T)
Ms Xinying
Mr Ching Ju
Mr Benjamin
Dr Matthew Lecturer
Professor Brian COTTERELL
Mr Bruce Technical Officer
Dr Xiangyuan Carl CUI270F099114 Research Associate
Mr Hugh
Dr Shao Cong Officer/Casual
Mr Benjamin
Mr Manuel DE
Ms Yan
Dr Xusheng Associate
Dr Matthew
Associate Professor Colin Professor
Ms Katja EDER324F099351
Mr Mehdi EIZADJOU319F099351
Mr Greg Technical Officer
Mr Danny
Mr Ali
Mrs Hoda
Mr Robert Officer
Mr Jianguang
Dr Rodney Lecturer
Dr Robert
Dr Markus Benjamin Research Associate
Dr Kunkun Research Associate
Mr Kenneth Ka ho
Mr Sebastian GALINDO
Mr Peng (paul)
Mr Jack
Mr Nicholas Frank
Associate Professor Peter Professor
Mr Andrew Tian you
Mrs Susan Assistant
Mr Salvatore (samuel)
Mr Michael
Ms Mengshu Yolanda
Mr Amin
Mr Md Nazmul
Mr Derrick
Mr Michael
Mr Md. Musharraf
Ms Jessica
Dr Ron HOUGHTONN129J1193512350ronaldhoughton@bigpond.comAssociate
Ms Qianwei
Mr Yijun
Dr Mohammad Saiful Research Associate/(P/T)
Mr Asiful
Associate Professor Ahmad Professor
Dr Miriam Research Associate
Mr Hesamodin
Mr Jonathan
Mr Fangli
Mr Lin (leon)
Professor Xinquan Professor
Dr David
Dr Mrinal Associate/(P/T)
Mr Hamed
Mr Stanley Officer
Professor John H Professor
Mr Mohammad Nazmul
Professor Anthony Professor
Associate Professor Michael Professor
Mr Ade
Dr Agisilaos KOURMATZISHonorary Associate
Mr Abhijeet
Mr Amit
Mr Abdulaziz
Mr Trevor
Mr Jeremy
Dr Andre
Mr Alexandre LA FONTAINE324F099351
Mr Alexandre LA FONTAINE324F099351 Associate
Mr Darren
Mr Daniel LANCASTERS120J0793517163/ Assistant/Casual
Mr Kai
Dr Jiao Jiao Research Assistant
Dr Wei Fellow/(P/T)
Professor Qing Future Fellow
Ms Wendy Support Coordinator
Professor Xiaozhou
Mr Zhipeng
Dr Qingyun Research Assistant/(P/T)
Mr Daniel
Dr Hong-yuan Fellow/(P/T)
Hong LIU
Mr Albyn
Dr Andrei Senior Lecturer
Dr Zufu Bridging Support Fellow
Dr Quantian Fellow
Ms Elaine LUUS442J079351 Assistant/Casual
Miss Yujia
Mr Ke
Mr Andrew
Mr Rens
Mr Arif
Professor Yiu-wing MAIS524/ Chair & Personal Chair in Mechanical Engineering
Mr Amir
Associate Professor Ian Professor
Mrs Vinita Officer/Head of School Office
Professor Assaad R
Mr Alexander Officer
Ms Ingrid
Ms Kazi
Mr Jiyoung
Mr Benjamin
Mr David Jordan
Professor Eduardo NEBOT111J049351
Mr Peter
Mr Peter Support
Nam phan NGUYEN
Mr Ranming
Mr Young Jung
Ms Jannelle Student
Ms Ruth OLIP201J049351 Manager ACFR
Mr Robert Officer
Mr Majid PARVIZI319F099351
Dr Xuan Phuong Research Associate
Mr James
Mr Stephen
Mr John Assistant
Mr Shaohua
Dr Faxiang Discovery Early Career Researcher
Mr Xuan
Mr Boon QUAHboonzhi.quah@stryker.comHonorary Associate
Dr Yogambha Early Career Fellow
Dushyant RAO
Professor Simon Peter RINGER649B / 4026Jane Foss Russell Building G02/Sydney Nanoscience Hub (SNH) A318627 4088 / 9351 2353
Mr Greg Technical Officer
Dr Greg ROGER Lecturer
Dr Seyediman Early Career Fellow
Professor Andrew
Associate Professor David C Professor
Mr Seyedali SADEGHIS544J079351
Dr Fatemeh SALEHIS511J079036 Research Associate
Mrs Saritha Kowmudy SAMUDRALA319F099351
Dr Steven SCHEDINGRoom 321J139114 Research Engineer, Director, Rio Tinto Centre for Mine Automation
Ms Bronwyn Officer/Postgraduate Studies and Marketing
Mr Shayan
Mr Trevor Technical Officer
Mr Glenn
Mr Jeremy
Dr Karkenahalli
Dr Sten Research Associate/(P/T)
Mr Duncan Technical Officer/Workshop Manager
Professor Grant STEVENN324/N326J1193514289/2183grant.steven@strand7.comEmeritus Professor
Mr Andrian
Professor Salah
Mr Xun
Dr Guangyong Discovery Early Career Researcher
Miss Pasuri
Mrs Maisha
Mr Sriram
Mr Zhi Bin
Professor Roger I Russell Professor
Mr Matthew TAYLORCharles Perkins CentreD178627
Mr Seamus
Dr Ben Lecturer
Mr John Officer
Professor Liyong
Dr Surjani UTHAYAKUMARANsurjaniu@gmail.comHonorary Associate
Mr Nick VERSCHUUR405J1393515375nam.verschuur@gmail.comOccupational Trainee
Dr Dries Lecturer
Dr Gareth Lecturer
Miss Christina
Mr Aditya
Dr Tania Research Associate
Ms Anastasiia
Mr Hongjian Andy Associate/(P/T)
Dr Yanbo Future Fellow
Mr Zihao
Mr Hongjian Andy
Ms Christy WANGlev Manager
Dr James
Mr Joshua Francis WATTS319F09 9351
Mr Kim WHITE Lecturer
Professor Gordon Professor
Professor Stefan of School
Mr David
Dr Nicholas
Mr Kaichung
Associate Professor K C Professor
Dr David
Dr Stewart
Dr Xiaofeng
Ms Hanou
Mr Jun
Dr Lin Research Associate/(P/T)
Mr Hanxun
Professor Lin CAMT
Ms Stephanie
Mr John
Dr Rifat
Mr Vanja
Mr Dequan Trainee
Mr Long fei ZHAO403J139351
Mr Keke Marco
Ms Nan
Ms Jing Xiao
Ms Linjing ZHOUS405J0793511928lynn.zhou1991@gmail.comResearch Assistant/(Casual P/T)
Dr Suqin ZHU270F099351 Support Engineer
Professor Hala Senior Research Fellow

Fax: MECH Level 4 93517060
Fax: MECH Level 5 93513760
Fax: ACFR 93517474
Fax: AERO 93514841
7 x 5 Wind TunnelJohn Woolley Building (A20)
ACFR Workshop Rose St Bldg. 93518147
Aircraft Design & Build N121 93517137
W & A Bennett N209 93517134
Biomaterials Synthesis & Testing S197 93517165
Biomaterials & Tissue Engineering S183 90366469
G A Bird N121 93517137
CFD S335
Combustion S147 93512076
Computer Teaching Labs S345/S322 93518923
Formula SAE S116 90367221
R F Halliday S173 93512654
Materials S163 93512620
 S161 90366513
Materials Testing & Structures S152 93515183/12027
Mechatronics (Link Bldg) L325 93514643
Polymer & Composite Processing N130 90365225
Rheology S206 93514030
AV Stephens N107 93517139
Potts, John S142 93513232

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