VSFS - Thesis Topics 2006

The student team responsible for the VSFS in 2006 was Tammy Taylor, Michael McWhinnie, Eran Medagoda, Scott Meikle, John Ducat, Yao Li Shen and Dylan Reynolds. Scott Meikle had previously completed his thesis with research on the simulation systems. He provided significant insight into the VSFS systems and his experience helped the entire team through the early stages of development. Please follow the links to the relevant thesis.

Task Breakdown

Tammy Taylor developed the auto pilot systems of the simulator. She focused on producing an operational Flight Management Computer using a touch-screen. Coupling this system with the existing mode control panel and then developing the control laws behind these systems. This process was as generic as possible, but due to the nature of control law design, maintained a focus around the Boeing 747.

Michael McWhinnie was responsible for developing the Variable Stability Module functionality of the simulator. His responsibilities also centred on acquiring correct information for flight model implementation. Developing methods to integrate different aircraft within the single flight model and allowing the user easy and proper access to the model in order to switch between the various aircraft.

Eran Medagoda developed the Instructor Operating System (IOS) functionality of the simulator. This task involved the proper modelling of the exterior environment, including ground model and weather modelling. Furthermore, he added failure capabilities into the VSFS flight model. This process also involved extensive development of the IOS user interface provided by X plane.

John Ducat was responsible for the development of an F111 aircraft model that was integrated into the VSFS system. The concepts and knowledge developed in his thesis also helped considerably when integrating all of the updated VSFS systems.

Yao Li Shen designed a pre-simulation educational tool that was focused around the third year flight mechanics course. This tool was in the form of a Matlab GUI and provided students with a Matlab based simulation of the PC-9 aircraft.

Dylan Reynolds was responsible for upgrading and integrating the overall communications architecture of the simulator system. He developed the visual representation of the outside world and avionics equipment, and combined all elements of the simulation into one working system that achieved the desired outcomes of the project.