VSFS - Thesis Topics 2007

The student team responsible for the VSFS in 2006 was Calvin Hung, Garrick Bay, Thomas Zhou, Robert Eccleston and David Christie. Scott Meikle and Eran Medagoda had previously completed their thesis with research on the VSFS. Both Scott and Eran provided significant insight into the VSFS systems and their experience helped the entire team through the early stages of development.

Task Breakdown

Calvin Hung Development of the flight simulation software systems. Developed plug ins to control third-party software such as X-plane to provide instrument displays. Replace the CRT control display monitors with flat panel LCD monitors and upgraded the VSFS audio system.

Garrick Bay Development of F-16 flight model using polynomial representations of aerodynamic data. Continued the development of the Variable Stability Module.

Thomas Zhou Development of flight simulator propulsion models. Developed a generic dynamic model for four basic engine types, and implemented into Simulink.

Robert Eccleston Development of spinning simulation for the VSFS. Developed a Simulink spinning model for the A10 Wamira, and converted the aerodynamic data tables into polynomial representations.

David Christie Development and installation of side stick controls for the VSFS, development and implementation of polynomial representations for the F-111C aerodynamic data and redesign of the AMME VSFS web site.