VSFS - Thesis Topics 2008

In addition to the following Undergraduate VSFS Thesis Team, Eran Medagoda and Scott Miekle once again form the backbone of the team, providing invaluable support throughout the thesis process. The projects below range from practical work on the simulator cockpit through to software development.

Task Breakdown

Simon Cowell: Current areas of research and development include implementation of a spin-simulation for a Wamira training aircraft into the VSFS, development and installation of side stick control for highly manoeuvrable aircraft models, and research into a more useful and informative flight data recording system.

Patrick Murphy: Primary task currently involves the conversion of n-dimensional F-111C databases into polynomial representations, while an improvement of the physical layout of the Simulator has been undertaken as a secondary task.

Jeremy Sequeira: Main projects include further developing the VSFS Ground Model, implementing an accurate Ground Effect model, installing Lifting Body aircraft, HL-10 and HL-20, into the VSFS aircraft library and the implementation and updating of the VSFS Web site.

Jackie Tam

Chris Tan: Current projects include the further development of autopilot systems controllers, installing the AD-1 Oblique Wing aircraft in to the VSFS aircraft library and verification and development of the updated simulation model.