Thesis Work

The following links lead to the Thesis Work, both current and past, undertaken by undergraduate students, that relate to the Variable Stability Flight Simulator. Click the links below for more details. Note that detailed project descriptions have only been included from the year 2008 and that all thesis documents are password protected as they are sourced from the Flight Mechanics course website.

2013 Students

2012 Students

2011 Students

2010 Students

2009 Students

2008 Students

The students of 2008 include Simon Cowell, Pat Murphy, Jeremy Sequeira and Chris Tan. Through this link, click a students name for a detailed description of their thesis projects.

2007 Students

The students of 2007 include Calvin Hung, Garrick Bay, Thomas Zhou, Robert Eccleston and David Christie. Clicking a students name within this link will bring up their thesis document.

2006 Students

The students of 2006 include Tammy Taylor, Michael McWhinnie, Eran Medagoda, John Ducat, Yao Li Shen and Dylan Reynolds. Within this link, clicking a student's name will bring up their thesis document.

Thesis Archives

Before 2006, student theses are moved into this section. Follow this link for theses older than this.