VSFS Thesis Information

Any students wishing to undertake any thesis projects with Peter Gibbens should visit the official AMME4101/4102 Flight Mechanics Thesis A & B Information Page for the latest information.

VSFS Thesis Selection

My approach to selection of candidates for these topics is to accept nominations for each topic, and then to choose the most suitable person for the job. Expressions of interest can be made by emailing me. Expressions from multiple students are acceptable as students working on each project will work as a team. I will arrange a meeting later in 2nd semester with all interested parties and will assign individual responsibilities.

The Variable Stability Flight Simulator is a facility aimed at providing enhanced learning opportunities in courses and topics related to Flight Mechanics. It allows students and researchers to study the effects of variations in an aircraft’s aerodynamic characteristics on flight stability, controllability and handling qualities.

The simulator is set up to allow the simulation of any type of aircraft, and to allow implementation and testing of control system designs in real time. It has been equipped with the necessary avionics hardware to facilitate these activities, and the compatible software is being developed via thesis projects. Much progress has been made in recent towards these goals. Further developments are intended in 2009.

Detailed goals are outlined in the linked file below. These involve development of individual hardware and software components of the simulation system, and modelling of a range of aircraft with interesting and varied dynamic behaviours.

2009 Thesis VSFS and Jabiru Thesis Topics