Chemical and biomolecular engineers design, produce and improve products, processes and solutions that touch our everyday lives. From petrochemicals, plastics, food and pharmaceuticals through to sustainable sources of water and energy.

These engineers use their creativity and innovative thinking to improve existing materials and design environmentally sustainable solutions. For example, one of our professors, Andrew Harris, is working on reverse-engineering beetles to capture water from the atmosphere and using butterfly wings as templates to produce hydrogen for use in fuels cells.

Studying in the School of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering here at the University will expose you to the breadth and depth of career opportunities in this dynamic field. Our undergraduate programs have a strong focus on research, team work and critical thinking as well as on building core technical knowledge. Our unique industrial placement scheme allows you to experience working in a professional environment on a high-level investigative project with one of our industry partners.

Maybe you already have a degree and are looking for that next challenge. Our postgraduate offerings include a coursework master's program as well as research-only masters and PhD programs supervised by staff whose contribution to engineering research excellence is acknowledged around the world.

The research undertaken in the School of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering ranges from bioprocess engineering through to energy and the environment, minerals and resources, polymers and systems engineering, product and process design and smart fluids. Much of this research is funded through prestigious Australian Research Council grants as well as direct industry funding. We work with many other organisations and industry collaborators to enhance the quality and relevance of our research activities.

Whether you are a future student, researcher, academic or industry partner, I look forward to working with you here at Sydney.

Professor Dianne Wiley
Head of School

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