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Professional development course

11 - 13 July 2016

Professor David Glasser and Professor Diane Hildebrandt with their colleagues specialise in devising
simple methods for analysing and understanding processes. These include the Attainable Region
method for chemical reactor design, the Column Profile Map method for distillation system design and
the Complete Process Synthesis (ComPS) methods; these will all be highlighted in this course. The course
will see a review of the basics of thermodynamics, then look at how the application of these can
provide for more effective and efficient systems when a new perspective of thermodynamics is
presented and employed. Real case examples will be examined. The presenters have, with their team,
undertaken major projects of varying sizes, including design, overseeing the building, commissioning
and running a coal-based Fischer-Tropsch pilot plant in Baoji China, where their approach was
introduced to minimize the carbon dioxide emissions and water utilization and the design of the
LincEnergy demonstration plant in Chinchilla Queensland, the first to use underground coal gasification
to make liquid fuels.

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