Laboratory for Catalysis Engineering

Catalysis is essential for chemical industry and contributes to 90 percent of current chemical processes. Due to impending depletion of fossil-based resources and increasing global demand for energy and chemicals, new catalytic systems are essential for efficient conversion of raw (both fossil and renewable) materials to valuable products and development of more sustainable chemical manufacturing processes. For reasonable design of sustainable processes at the meso- and macro levels for chemical industry, our research is focused on developing emerging catalytic technologies combining novel catalyst design and synthesis with in situ characterization and innovative reaction engineering.

Catalysis Engineering

  • Renewable energy and chemicals from biomass
  • Clean processes for fuels and chemicals from crude-oils, coal, and natural gas
  • Green synthesis
  • Nano-catalysts synthesis
  • Green-house gas storage and catalytic transfer
  • Waste water treatment and air purification
  • In situ techniques and novel reactor design