Our People

Director and Delta Electricity Chair in Sustainable Energy Development

Professor Tony Vassallo Professor Tony Vassallo
T +61 2 9351 6740

Key Staff

Professor Brian Haynes
Director of Research
T +61 2 9351 6740
Professor Andrew Harris
Director of the
Laboratory of Sustainable Technology
T +61 2 9351 2926
Professor Tim Langrish

Research Staff

  • David Conroy - PhD Candidate
  • Martin Schneider - PhD Candidate
  • Ben Chivers - PhD Candidate
  • Elizabeth Maria Tomc - PhD Candidate

Tu Tu - PhD candidate
Education: 2010: BE (Electrical-Power), University of Sydney
Supervisor: Professor Tony Vassallo

Gobinath Pillai Rajarathnam - PhD Candidate
Zinc/bromine flow batteries: Smart materials for high-performance energy storage
Present: Ph.D. Candidate in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, The University of Sydney, Australia
2012: BE (Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering), The University of Sydney, Australia
2010: International Exchange to Imperial College London, London, United Kingdom.
Supervisor:Professor Tony Vassallo


  • Xihe (James) Sun -PhD 2015
  • Min Tat (David) Goy- PhD 2015