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Team Leader

Professor Timothy Langrish Professor Timothy Langrish

Research Team

Songwen Tan - PhD Candidate
Supervisor(s): Professor Timothy Langrish and Professor Fariba Dehghani
Education2016-Present: PhD Candidate in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, University of Sydney, Australia
2013-2015: Master of Engineering (Biomicrosystem Technology), Korea University, South Korea
2008-2012: Bachelor of Engineering (Environmental Engineering), Harbin Institute of Technology, China

Mahmudul Hasan - MPhil Candidate
Modeling of solar kilns for timber drying: a step towards life cycle assessment
Supervisor: Professor Timothy Langrish
Education2013-Present, MPhil Candidate, The University of Sydney
2009 BSc (Mechanical Engineering), RUET, Bangladesh.

Xing (Harry) Huang - PhD Candidate
Development of a New Spray Dryer Design
Supervisor: Professor Timothy Langrish
Part of the Biotechnology and Food Processing Training Centre

Perry Johnson - PhD Candidate
Energy Saving in Spray Drying
Supervisor: Professor Timothy Langrish
EducationPhD Candidate, The University of Sydney; 2008 BE (Chemical), University of Sydney.


Dr Amirali Ebrahimi Ghadi
Enhancement in Functionality of Spray-Dried Powder: In-Process Crystallization and Templating Process

Dr Mona Edrisi Sormoli
Scale-Up of Spray Drying for Bioactive Extracts and Fibres

Dr Morteza Saffari
Combined Drying and Crystallization in Fluidized-Bed Dryers

Dr Dian Shofinita
Wastes to Products: Towards New High-Value Products from Extraction of Orange Peel and Spray Drying of the Extracts

Mr Roshan Premarajah - 2014 (MPhil)
Reaction Processes in Spray Drying and Improving Nutrient Quality in Spray-Dried Bioactive Materials

Dr Tino Kausmann - 2014
Development of Multi Functional Layered Particles Using Novel Food Technology

Dr Nima Yazdanpanah - 2013
Crystallization of spray-dried poweders in fluidized bed dryer.

Dr Debolina Das - 2013
Scale Up of Crystallization in Drying

Mr Jawad Ahmad - 2013 (MPhil)
Optimised extraction and encapsulation of antioxidant powders from mandarin peels using a spray dryer