Fermentation and Wastewater Laboratory

Electrocoagulation floc

Wastewater Samples

Water is a critically important 'raw material' with less than 0.01% of Earth's total supply being readily available. The provision of sufficient potable water will soon be one of the most daunting challenges facing the world. To attempt to alleviate this looming crisis the effective treatment and recycling of industrial wastewater must become the norm with economic pollutant recovery being seen as integral to the solution. The 'once through' utilisation of this resource is no longer an acceptable industrial practise.

The central aim of the Fermentation and Advanced Wastewater Treatment Laboratory is to develop robust treatment technologies to enable the remediation/reuse of industrial wastewater to address the significant issue of securing future water security. Viable options should be low-cost, applicable on a range of scales for a diversity of effluents and allow recovery of pollutants that have economic value.