Our Research

The Fermentation and Wastewater Laboratory brings together a team of researchers with a range of interdisciplinary backgrounds that are pertinent to fermentation, water and wastewater treatment.

In particular, we focus on the following areas of research:

  • Process integration and process optimisation in effluent treatment plants
  • Advanced tertiary treatment technologies
  • Fermentation Optimisation and Kinetics

Grants for Our Research - Current Projects

Recent Field Work

February 2008 - India

Dr Ryan visited NEERI and attended the Water Crisis – Challenges and Opportunities conference in Nagpur.

December 2007 - Vietnam

Assisted electrocoagulation pilot trials for organic wastewater treatment.

August 2007 - India

Visited prominent research groups at the Tata Energy Research Institute (TERI), ICT Mumbai (formerly UICT) and IIT Mumbai.

Future Projects

  • Cellulosic Ethanol Wastewater

Past Projects

  • ARC Linkage Grant - Electrocoagulation
    The purpose of this ARC Linkage Project was to develop a conceptual framework and a phenomenological model that describes the electrocoagulation of aqueous organic pollutants.