January - March 2016


Business of Innovation Conference - CRC Association

On Tuesday, 08 March 2016 at the Business of Innovation Conference of the CRC Association in Brisbane, Dr Shahadat Uddin as well as the other partners at at the Capital Markets Cooperative Research Centre received an “Excellence in Innovation” award for their Health Analytics Solutions, HIBIS.
The award is a recognition of outstanding examples of the transfer of CRC research results, knowledge and technologies that have been developed for a wide range of users of research, including the community, companies and government agencies.

As one of the partner academics (since July 2014), Shahadat has been contributing in the research development of CMCRC, which have been transferred by HIBIS (including the social network approach of analysing insurance claim data and developing suggestions in terms of how doctors collaborate while providing treatments to hospitalised patients). He has been part of CMCRC (HIBIS) since February 2009 (first as a student and then as a partner academic from July 2014). As a student, Shahadat also contributed to the software development part of HIBIS. Thus, his contribution has been in both research as well as software development to HIBIS.
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The first meeting of the Council for Civil Engineering Sydney for 2016 was held on Thursday 18 February. We are delighted that Mr Mick Boyle, the Founder and CEO of Abergeldie, has taken on the inaugural chair of the Council and we welcomed two new members, Mr John Pickhaver, Executive Director of Macquarie Capital and Mr Greg Evans, Director Asset Maintenance, RMS.
The key items of discussion included closer engagement between industry and academia, how to engage industry with the new Master of Complex Systems degree and the perception of industry towards USYD graduates.
It was noted that the School should look at making a presence at some industry showcase events. These are good opportunities to interact with industry and seek interest in potential collaboration activity. Possibilities include Ozwater, Ausrail, Australian Tunnelling Conference, Civil Contractors Federation Conference. Details will be circulated to staff.
The need for the Council to gain representation in areas such as water, environment, and humanitarian is being explored.

Roderick Lecture

We are delighted that MR PETER DUNCAN, Chief Executive, Roads and Maritime Services of NSW, will deliver the 1st Roderick Distinguished Lecture for 2016 on Thursday 12 May 2016. Peter will present an insight into the activities of the RMS and opportunities available within the RMS for civil and other engineering graduates.
This is a unique opportunity to hear from the leader of one of the main government agencies in NSW and a primary deliverer of engineering across the state.
The Roderick Distinguished Lecture Series brings the leaders of industry and government to the University to present to the civil engineers of tomorrow the challenges and opportunities which they and their organisations face and the role that civil engineering plays in their work environment. One lecture each semester is proposed.
The Roderick Lectures acknowledge the work of Professor Jack William Roderick who was Head of School from 1951 to 1978 and who initiated engagement with graduates and industry generally to help build the resources of the School.
The Roderick Lectures are promoted widely to the students as well as the industry network of the School of Civil Engineering.


Roundtable Industry Events

The Project Management Program held the first of four 2016 Project Management Industry Roundtable lunchtime events. The roundtable was facilitated by Professor Lynn Crawford and called on Dr Ken Chung to provide insight into the nature of stakeholder networks as a key to successful collaboration on projects. The event was attended by 24 industry professionals representing transport, infrastructure, construction, professional services and government. The event provided an excellent opportunity for dialogue with industry; hearing the opportunities and challenges industry are facing, posing questions to industry regarding future research interests and showcasing the University’s capability and the breadth of research. The next roundtable will be held on 22 June: featuring Dr Michael Harre introducing the topic of the Project Driven Economy.

University of Tokyo Visit and Industry Links

Dr Petr Matous hosted senior academic staff and students from the University of Tokyo during March. As part of the visit, Dr Matous organised a series of opportunities to engage with industry. These included presentations from senior management by TBH, Cardno and Obayashi and site visits to large projects including Lend Lease’s Darling Harbour Live Project and the Abergeldie’s Allawah Rail Overbridge replacement. Industry representatives were able to provide detailed insights into their projects and very willing to look for ways their firms could collaborate with both University of Sydney and our international visitors.
This opportunity also provided students from Japan and Sydney a chance to interact and discuss their respective study experiences and academics to progress potential research interests and academic exchange opportunities. An added benefit for University of Sydney students included hearing first hand from industry their interest in attracting graduates interested in working in their firms.

Master of Project Management - Advanced Practitioner units

Four new units have been launched in the Master of Project Management and feedback at this stage is very positive amongst both students and academic teaching the units. The units are targeted to students with significant industry experience and follow a more applied approach to learning drawing down on the students’ industry experience and delivered in to provide a more executive education style classroom experience.

Master of Project Management - International Study Tour

Six students are heading to University of Manchester to undertake a two week intensive study tour. This unit will be a regular part of the Master of Project Management. The study tour provides an opportunity for students to learn from international industry experts and academics , visit industry in the UK, share learning with students from both Manchester and the US who will join forces in the UK for this intensive unit. We wish this inaugural group a safe and interesting trip.

Master of Complex Systems - Spread the word

The applications are now open for the new Master of Complex Systems to commence in 2017 and initial interest is promising. Marketing this program is in its initial phases and applications have been received! Please promote this program through your network. Link: http://sydney.edu.au/courses/master-of-complex-systems

Complex Systems Visitors

Dr JOSEPH LIZIER is hosting Prof. Michael Wibral and Ms Patricia Wollstadt, his PhD student, on a six week visit. Prof. Wibral is head of the Magnetoencephalography unit at the Brain Imaging Center, Goethe University, Frankfurt. He presented a very interesting seminar co-badged between the Centre for Complex Systems and the Research Cluster for Complex Systems (Faculty of Engineering and IT) on Friday 1 April on Information theoretic analyses of neural goal functions.