Council for Civil Engineering Sydney

Building on SUCCESS

What we do

Working with industry to support world-class Civil Engineering education and research at the University of Sydney.


Civil Engineering has been taught at the University since 1885 and currently the School of Civil Engineering is ranked in the top 20 in the world (QS World University Rankings). Since 1968, the Civil Engineering Foundation has been engaging leaders of the engineering profession and industry to support the teaching and research activities of the School.

The School is not only a world leader in the traditional areas of structural engineering, geomechanics and fluids but it is also at the forefront of emerging areas such as advanced materials behaviour from the nano to the macro scale and the development of new theories for breakage mechanics. It has active associations with industry in applied research and development through the Centre of Advanced Structural Engineering, the Sydney Centre in Geomechanics and Mining Materials, the Wind, Waves and Water Centre and the Complex Systems Research Group. It has a world recognised Project Management Program delivering undergraduate and postgraduate education on project management.

The Civil Engineering Foundation has helped provide resources to support the growth of the School over the past 47 years. To build on this and take it to another level of interaction which reflects the changing needs and opportunities in the civil engineering industry as well as in education and research, a new advisory council has been formed, the Council for Civil Engineering Sydney, which is to deliver a more inclusive program of engagement between industry and academia at all levels. This ‘Building on Success’ program seeks to promote activity which will inspire more interaction and provide a stimulating environment that will, maximise the potential of the brightest researchers and the most promising students, whatever their social or cultural background. In this environment, the School of Civil Engineering can continue to provide the leaders of the future armed with the technologies of the future.


The objectives of the Council include:

  • To help the School to identify and secure the resources to enable it to continue to be the leading provider of civil engineering education and research in Australia.
  • To advise the Head of the School of Civil Engineering on the strategies for industry and the School to build partnerships to deliver world-class education and research.
  • To provide a forum for exchanging information.
  • To advise on any other matter referred to it by the Head of School.