Advanced engineering and advanced subjects

Advanced Engineering Subjects

There are a number of advanced engineering subjects. Entry to these is by invitation of the faculty, and students with a Distinction WAM or high ATAR at the HSC may be invited to enrol in an advanced Engineering unit of study.

2nd, 3rd or 4th year advanced engineering subjects are usually done as free electives. The 1st year advanced engineering subject is usually done in place of ENGG1803 Professional Engineering. Students may choose to complete one, two or three of these units.

Advanced Engineering gives you the opportunity to work at the advanced level in science or engineering or in a small supervised project group tackling a specific engineering problem relevant to the modern community. The principle of the program is to present you with a substantial challenge and support you in addressing this challenge with intensive group learning as well as mentoring and coaching.

Advanced Engineering Certificate

The program runs over the length of your degree and, on successful completion of 18 credit points of Advanced Engineering units of study and an honours level thesis, you will be awarded with an Advanced Engineering Certificate. This program offers subjects in each year, and completion of any three of the subjects leads to the award of a Certificate in Advanced Engineering. The program aims to provide the student with skills leading to leadership or research roles.

When and How do I do these subjects?

The first of these subjects (ENGG1061 Advanced Engineering 1A) is done in place of ENGG1803 Professional Engineering 1 in first year, semester 2.

The other advanced engineering subjects must be done in addition to the normal requirements of the degree. They can be done in place of free electives, however in degrees without free electives the student must complete additional credit points to gain the Advanced Engineering award.

Students who do not have a free elective in their degree may count 6cp of advanced science or maths towards the Advanced Engineering Certificate.

Advanced Mathematics and Physics

Many of the mathematics and science subjects can be replaced with advanced versions for students who have a particular interest in these areas. Science also offer a talented student program. These do not directly benefit the Civil Engineering degree but may be of interest to students who love maths or physics.

If you are thinking about taking advanced maths, try out the School of Mathematics self-test.