Student Exchange and Student Clubs

Student Exchange for University of Sydney students

The University of Sydney desires to offer all of its students a rich and comprehensive experience of university life. For over 21 years, the University has offered undergraduate and postgraduate students the opportunity to study part of their degree overseas through the University of Sydney's Student Exchange Program.

Through these experiences students not only enrich their degrees with international perspectives, but also gain a broader view of the world and of Australia. They also learn new life skills and grow personally. Many have found improved their career prospects, because they now stand out from the crowd. And all of this has been gained while travelling and exploring the world.

Full details at the International Exchange website.

Civil engineering has a staff member who approves Student exchange.

Staff-Student Liaison Committee

The Staff-student Liaison Committee (SSLC) provides a relatively informal means for communication between staff and students about the quality of teaching and facilities within the School of Civil Engineering. The functions of the SSLC are to:

  • provide an outlet for the expression of students views or concerns about the course or educational facilities;
  • establish a platform on which feedback on these concerns can be provided, and on which proposals for improvement can be discussed;
  • provide a mechanism for discussion about individual units with members of staff not involved in that unit;
  • assist with representative assessment of teaching quality for each unit and across the course as a whole;
  • provide student input to School policy decisions; and
  • actively promote discussion between staff and students over a range of issues.

Issues discussed by the committee will be conveyed by the Head of School to other members of staff where appropriate.

Students should always feel welcome to make any feedback or give any comments about any aspect of their University experience at any stage. It is acknowledged that some students may feel uneasy discussing some topics with a member of staff, and perhaps their year student representative can approach staff on their behalf.
The committee meets once each semester.

I want to be a student representative: Contact Cynthia Papangelis

Who is my student representative? Cynthia will be able to provide you with current representatives, or be alert for an email from the school notifying you of the next meeting.

SUCE - Sydney University Civil Engineers

SUCE is the social club run for and by student civil engineers at The University of Sydney. Our aim is to organise events that will allow civil engineering students to get to know each other, as well as some of the lecturers & tutors from the school. We host a number of BBQs throughout the year, as well as a couple of larger functions during both semesters. SUCE has become famous for its huge end of semester parties which are usually held on the last Friday of each semester.

We strongly encourage you to join our Facebook Group so that we can keep you up to date with when our next event will be held. Also keep an eye out for posters on the civil engineering noticeboards.

We are always actively seeking sponsorship for our events. This is a way for members of SUCE to interact with engineers from the industry before leaving uni. It also provides an alternate source of income for the club.

We encourage all new students to become a member of SUCE, regardless of whether you're studying civil engineering or any other course the university has to offer. If you would like any more information or would like to get involved in our society feel free to contact anyone on the SUCE executive (details below) or stop by and say hi at the SUCE tent at O-Week or at any of our events.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Other Clubs

SUEUA is the Sydney University Engineering Undergraduates Association is the student association for the entire Faculty of Engineering. At their web site you will find a list of many other clubs relevant to Sydney Uni engineers.

EWB - Engineers without Borders - for those with humanitarian interests.

SUWIE - Women in Engineering

What's your interest? bushwalking, bowling, anime, language, crosswords, singing, tea, caving, canoeing, unimates, and hundreds more: Check all of the great University interests, hobbies and clubs list. I recommend that you get an access card - it usually pays for itself in no time and allows you great benefits and convenience.