Hawkins Lab

In the School of Civil Engineering, the CA Hawkins Computing Laboratory (Room 365) houses a variety of computing equipment. All machines are connected to a local area network and a separate file server, as well as to the Faculty network and internet. Access is possible via the network to many other computer systems. This provides a large, varied and powerful computing network for teaching and research.

The School provides all students enrolled in a 3rd/4th year UG or MES/MPE unit of study with access to the CA Hawkins Computer Laboratory. The laboratory is located next to the Civil Engineering Drawing Office. The School provides this shared resource to our students in addition to the other computer facilities to which they have access (such as the Access Labs and Library). The computer laboratory is primarily designed for the use of specialist engineering software including Abaqus, Strand 7, Repute 2, OASYS,etc., that will help students in their courses.

1st and 2nd year students must use the University Computer Access Centres (13 on campus), the closest of which is located in the Engineering Link Building. CA Hawkins Computer Laboratory is available only to senior students.

Security of buildings, especially after hours, is critical. Security doors must not be held open with chairs, latches, etc no matter what you think the reason is. You must never allow someone else into the building unless they have the appropriate University Identification. This includes the door to the Hawkins lab and all external doors.

At the present time after hour access to the Hawkins Lab is suspended due to security reasons.

User Accounts: The Hawkins Computer Laboratory is for the use of students enrolled in CIVL3***, CIVL4***, CIVL5***, CIVL6***, CIVL9*** or PMGT**** units of study in the School of Civil Engineering.

Your regular unikey and password can be used to log into the INTERNAL domain which will give you access to the same shared drive as in the access computer labs.

Users with login problems may need to synchronise their password. Students can also change their password.

Internet Access: Students can access up the 42 MB of free internet use in conjunction with the free cache allowance in the uniwide access labs

IT Support in Hawkins

Computer support for the C A Hawkins Lab is now provided by the central university ICT division.

The ICT helpdesk can be contacted on internal extension 16000 via the phone in Hawkins (or 9351 6000 outside) or via email ().

  1. For computer hardware problems (eg computer does not turn on or does not connect to the internet); software problems (program does not run, license expired), please contact the ICT helpdesk, quoting the "Machine Asset ID" on the yellow sticker on the computer, and telling them you are in the Hawkins computer lab in Civil Engineering.
  2. For account problems (eg you cannot logon or you forgot your password), please contact the ICT helpdesk, quoting your unikey.
  3. For civil staff only: to book the C A Hawkins Laboratory for teaching purposes, please contact Maria Domadenik in the school office.

Conditions of Use

The C A Hawkins Computer Laboratory is an important shared resource amongst all the civil engineering students, and damage or downtime to the facilities only affects fellow students. The key philosophy is that by showing appropriate respect to the equipment, students are also showing appropriate respect to their student colleagues.

  • Students are obliged to follow the Information and Communication Technology Resources (ICT) Resources Policy
  • Security doors must be closed at all times when you are not using them for entry or exit.
  • No food or drink may be consumed at any time (this includes coffee).
  • Throw all rubbish in the bin (and only paper in the recycling bin).
  • Please maintain an appropriate low level of noise to respect the work of others.
  • Please return all chairs to the correct desks, and avoid placing feet on seats and other furniture.
  • Users should not allow non-authorised users to enter or use the facilities.
  • Report any faulty equipment to ICT, and please do not try to repair any faults yourself.

Students who do not respect the rules of the Hawkins Lab may be asked to leave and / or have their accounts suspended or terminated.

Safety Rules

Your cooperation in following these rules is required to ensure that The School of Civil Engineering is a safe workplace for staff and students alike.

General Safety Guidelines to be followed at all times

  • All users of the laboratory are to follow the directions of any staff member.
  • The standard opening hours for the laboratory are 8.00 am - 6.00 pm weekdays during normal semester time. After-hours access is currently suspended until further notice.
  • Food or drink is not permitted at any time.
  • Students should not attempt to repair, open, tamper or interfere with any of the computer, printing, cabling, air conditioning or other equipment in the laboratory.
  • Students should be aware of office ergonomic guidelines for correct posture when using computer equipment - see sydney.edu.au/whs/guidelines/workstation.
  • Please treat fellow users of the laboratory, and all equipment within the laboratory, with the appropriate level of care and respect.
  • In case of an emergency or incident in the laboratory:
    • Keep calm.
    • Tell someone about it: the nearest staff member, a fellow student, the Floor Wardens, fellow Workers, your Supervisor, others in the area.
    • Call the Security Emergency Centre, Phone (02) 9351 3333 and/or Police/Fire Brigade/Ambulance on 0-000 (if not on an internal extension simply dial 000). There is an internal phone in the Hawkins Lab - ring 13333 to get security, or alternatively 1 800 063 487 (free call). There is also an emergency phone with a direct line to security outside the PNR Learning Hub.
    • Be ready to describe where you are (C A Hawkins Computer Laboratory, Civil Engineering). If you can assess the problem and the severity of it. Explain what is wrong (fire, medical or criminal). Be prepared to give your name and phone number/extension.
    • Leave the building if the type of emergency warrants it or if directed by Wardens/Security. Do so by the nearest safe exit. Do not use lifts in case of fire. Follow the directions of Marshals, Wardens and Security.
    • If required, the emergency assembly point for Civil Engineering, is the grassed area just past Chemical Engineering as you go towards the Wentworth Building.
    • Do not re-enter evacuated buildings until the "all clear" is given by an authorised person.
    • Some emergency situations such as criminal activity may not require you to leave the building. In all emergency situations keep calm and think about the appropriate response.

Access Rules

Authorised Users:
The Hawkins Computer Laboratory is for the use of undergraduates enrolled in 3rd year & 4th year units of study, postgraduates and staff of the School of Civil Engineering. 1st and 2nd year students should use other computer resources (SciTech Library, PNR Learning Hub, Engineering Link Building, Carslaw Building (24 hours access available), Fisher Library and the Education Building.

Please see sydney.edu.au/ict/student/locations for more details.

Unauthorised users will be asked to leave immediately. Students who permit unauthorised persons to use these facilities may have their access rights removed.

General Opening Times and Access Arrangements:
The Hawkins Lab will be open from 8 am to 6 pm weekdays during semester. A PIN will be required for entry during these times. An access card will not be required. Your lecturer will advise you of the PIN to enter the Hawkins Lab during business hours. The lab will not be staffed at all times.