Specialisation Streams in Civil Engineering

The Bachelor of Engineering Honours Civil degree

The un-specialised degree is a powerful all round degree which may be valuable for students who do not wish to specialise in a branch of Civil Engineering in the early stage of their career. Students in this degree may still complete the subjects of any specialisation area and in effect have what other universities refer to as a "major", but it will not appear on their testamur (however their subject choices and results will appear on their academic transcript).

Specialisation Streams

The specialist areas will be a good choice for students who wish to have indicated on their testamur that they have excelled in a specific branch of Civil Engineering, whilst still meeting the requirements of the core Civil degree. The conditions of completion of a stream refer to completion of specific electives and a thesis in that specific area. The specialist areas (as they will appear on your testamur) are:

  • BE Civil (Structures)
  • BE Civil (Environmental)
  • BE Civil (Geotechnical)
  • BE Civil (Construction Management)

(Stream descriptions)

Requirements for the award of a Specialist Stream

  • The student must be enrolled in a specialisation stream before commencement the project/thesis and while they have at least 48cp remaining (generally this is after the 3rd year results are known).
  • Application to transfer into a specialisation stream must be made in Sydney Student after you have your semester 2 results and before semester 1 of the following year.
  • For transfer into a specialisation stream to be accepted the student must have an average mark of 65 or more over the previous year, or have attained the original ATAR for entry into the specific stream.
  • The student must complete three Civil electives from that stream and a thesis within that area.

Changing streams requires the approval of the Head of School of Civil Engineering (delegated to the Director of Undergraduate Studies). Students wishing to move into Civil from other streams of engineering (chemical, electrical, mechanical etc) need to apply in Sydney Student.

Procedure for changing degrees

Single BE and the combined degrees with Arts, Science, Commerce etc are considered different degrees. Since candidature involves more than one Faculty, different procedures are required.

  • Students who want to change from Civil to any other Engineering School, or vice-versa, should do this in Sydney Student
  • It is usually acceptable to downgrade a combined degree to either of the individual degrees by applying at the Faculty Office or in Sydney Student. Note you will need to satisfy the requirements of the single degree to graduate. (Note: If you plan to drop the other side of the degree and just keep Civil this means that you will then be required to complete the necessary Civil electives of the standard 4 year degree: this is an additional 36cp of Civil subjects).
  • Students who wish to transfer from a single BE to a combined degree (or between combined degrees) or any other course outside the administration of the Faculty must apply to the Universities Admissions Centre or International Office as appropriate.