Key Contact Details for Undergraduate Students

Each student is assigned one advisor who will provide guidance throughout your entire study. Your advisor can be determined from your SID (1st year of enrolment) and the 1st letter of your family name.


Primary contact for students
Undergraduate Advisor Mrs Cynthia Papangelis

PNR Rm 336
Monday - Thursday (10am - 12.30pm & 2.30pm - 4pm)

Mrs Cynthia Papangelis (Undergraduate Advisor) PNR room 336, is the primary contact for students for all administrative queries/advice (e.g. academic and other staff referrals, study plans – subject to year advisor approval, enrolments, marks, credit point, credit exemptions, eligibility to graduate assessment, change of streams, special permissions, exhange study program etc).

NOTE: Students need to see Mrs Papangelis first before approaching their academic year advisors for initial discussion of the issues related.

Year you started university
(First digits of your student number)
Year Advisor Location
(Room No.)
2015 - SIDS 450xxxxxx (Surnames A-K) Dr Gwenaelle Proust 412
2015 - SIDS 450xxxxxx (Surnames L-Z) Dr Kapil Chauhan 404
2014 - SIDS 440xxxxxx - (Surnames A -K) Dr Pierre Rognon 410
2014 - SIDS 440xxxxxx - (Surnames L -Z) Dr Daniel Dias da Costa 442
2013 - SIDS 430xxxxxx - (Surnames A -K) Dr Hao Zhang 312
2013 - SIDS 430xxxxxx - (Surnames L -Z) Dr Luming Shen 406
2012 - SIDs 312xxxxxx - (Surnames A-K) Prof John Patterson 316
2012 - SIDs 312xxxxxx - (Surnames L-Z) Dr Federico Maggi 344
2011 - SIDs 311xxxxxx - (Surnames A-K) Dr Abbas El-Zein 339
2011  -SIDs 311xxxxxx (Surnames L-Z) Dr Fernando Alonso-Marroquin 407
2010 & earlier SIDs Prof David Airey 411
PEM All years (Surnames A-Z) Dr Li Liu 340
School of Civil Engineering
Director of Undergraduate Studies Dr Peter Cafe  409
Head of School Prof Kim Rasmussen  328
Director of Education Committee Prof Andy Dong  318
Approval of Exchange Programs Dr Hao Zhang 312
Approval of Practical Experience Prof David Airey 314
Thesis/Project Co-ordinator Dr Luming Shen 406
Faculty of Engineering & IT
Sub Dean (Education) Dr Tim Wilkinson  
Dean Prof Archie Johnston