General Student Administration - Our faculty-based student admin services counter and office will close from 1 December

Contact student advisors via phone, email or by visiting the Student Centre on level 3 of the Jane Foss Russell Building on the Camperdown / Darlington Campus.

Call us: 1800 SYD UNI (1800 793 864)

Visit us: Level 3, Jane Foss Russell Building, Darlington Campus

Make an enquiry: sydney.edu.au/make-an-enquiry

Student Admin Services provide the following services and information:

  • advice about courses, majors and specialisations
  • enrolment advice and information, including course structure and selecting units of study and majors
  • information about and administration of applications for study abroad, exchange, cross institutional study and non-award study
  • enrolment variations and course suspension requests
  • applications for credit or recognition of prior learning
  • applications for special consideration for assessments missed due to illness or misadventure.



School administration concerns thesis administration, Industrial Placement, subject advice, determining a study program, Exchange approval, academic advice, and managing special situations.


Academic Advisor -  Undergraduate Dr Peter Cafe

Civil Engineering Room 409

Dr Peter Cafe will assist you with subject selection problems and issues which arise that affect your ability to commit to study. If you are experiencing difficulties please see Dr Cafe. He also looks after many special events which involve students, and works closely with the relevant student societies. He is the point of contact for Students at Risk.

First look for the solution to your situation on the School and Faculty Current Student pages. If you can’t find it there or at the links provided, either email Dr Cafe (for simple questions) or go directly to Room 409 (anytime) for more complex or personal issues. No appointment is necessary. 

Dr Cafe does not approve exchange programs (see below), but can help you determine a program when exchange subjects have been determined.

Administration Officer- Undergraduate Emmeline Yeo

Civil Engineering Room 414

Emmeline looks after all aspects of undergraduate student administration on School level, including establishment, review and management of undergraduate courses and timetables, providing advice on student queries and issues that are not handled by Student Administration Services such as enrolments, study abroad and exchange units, graduation matters in consultation with the Undergraduate Director and the Associate Dean of Student Life.

Academic Advisor - Postgraduate Dr Gwénaëlle Proust

Civil Engineering Room 412

Dr Proust determines subject selection and gives advice on how to complete the degree correctly. She also determines the amount of reduced volume learning which is applicable.

Dr Proust advises as follows: First look for the solution to your situation on the School and Faculty Current Student pages. If you cannot find it there or at the links provided, either email Dr Proust (for simple questions) or to make an appointment to discuss matters face to face.

Administration Officer - Postgraduate Daniela Entenmann

Civil Engineering Room 414

Daniela cheerfully helps all post graduate students work through the administrative requirements of their degree.

Daniela is your primary contact for administrative enquiries and to resolve possible issues related to your research and your supervision.

Director of Research Training - Postgraduate Research Degrees Dr Pierre Rognon

Civil Engineering Room 410

Dr Rognon represents the Head of School on matters related to HDR students from admission to completion. Dr Rognon will assist you to resolve any issues related to your enrolment and your progress in the MPhil and PhD program.

Dr Rognon advises: My role is to assist you to successfully complete your degree and to get the most of your studies in our School. If you experience any issue with your research or with your supervision, please contact our Postgraduate Manager Ms Daniela Entenmann. Daniela and I will guide you toward a solution.

School of Civil Engineering
Director of Undergraduate Studies Dr Peter Cafe  409
Head of School Prof Brian Uy  420
Directory of Teaching and learning

Dr Ehssan Sakhaee

Approval of Exchange Programs Dr Hao Zhang 312
Academic Honesty Officer A/Prof Chengwang Lei 314
Approval of Practical Experience Prof David Airey 411
Thesis/Project Co-ordinator Dr Luming Shen 406
Faculty of Engineering & IT
Sub Dean (Students) Dr Tim Wilkinson  405
Dean Prof Archie Johnston