Units of study

Units of study in the School of Civil Engineering that offer on-line content are either hosted on the School website or in WebCT. The list of units of study below will take you to the correct link - select either homepage or WebCT.

For subjects taught outside the School or Faculty, such as Science, Arts or Commerce, refer to the relevant teaching department or WebCT to access their on-line teaching & learning resources.

First Year Units of Study Co-ordinator  
ENGG1800 Introduction to Engineering Disciplines   Outline
ENGG1801 Engineering Computing Abbas El-Zein Outline
ENGG1802 Engineering Mechanics Luming Shen Outline
ENGG1803 Professional Engineering 1 Ron Johnston Outline
Second Year Units of Study Co-ordinator  
CIVL2110 Materials Gwenaelle Proust Outline
CIVL2201 Structural Mechanics Tim Wilkinson Outline
CIVL2230 Intro to Structural Concepts and Design Hao Zhang Outline
CIVL2410 Soil Mechanics David Airey Outline
CIVL2511 Instrumentation & Measurement David Airey Outline
CIVL2611 Fluid Mechanics Chengwang Lei Outline
CIVL2810 Engineering Construction and Surveying Richard Weber Outline
Third Year Units of Study Co-ordinator  
CIVL3010 Engineering & Society Abbas El-Zein Outline
CIVL3205 Concrete Structures 1 Stuart Reid Outline
CIVL3206 Steel Structures 1 Tim Wilkinson Outline
CIVL3235 Structural Analysis Gianluca Ranzi Outline
CIVL3411 Foundation Engineering Itai Einav Outline
CIVL3612 Fluids & Environmental Engineering Steve Cochard Outline
CIVL3613 Coastal Engineering TBA Outline
CIVL3805 Project Scope, Time and Cost Management Bee-Lan Oo Outline
CIVL3812 Project Appraisal Li Liu Outline
CIVL3813 Contracts Formulation and Management Natalie Perisa Outline
Fourth Year Units of Study Co-ordinator  
CIVL4022 Thesis A Luming Shen Outline
CIVL4023 Thesis B Luming Shen Outline
CIVL4008 Practical Experience Stuart Reid Outline
CIVL4615 Water Resources Engineering Federico Maggi Outline
CIVL4811 Engineering Design & Construction Richard Weber Outline
CIVL4810 Management of People, Quality and Risk in Project Environment Ted Tooher Outline
CIVL4814 Project Planning and Tendering Bee-Lan Oo Outline
CIVL4815 Project Formulation Li Liu Outline
CIVL4903 Civil Engineering Design Stuart Reid Outline
CIVL5266 Steel Structures Stability Kim Rasmussen Outline
CIVL5458 Numerical Methods in Civil Engineering Gianluca Ranzi Outline
CIVL5269 Concrete Structures - Strength & Serviceability Stuart Reid Outline
CIVL5351 Environmental Geotechnics Abbas El-Zein Outline
CIVL5452 Foundation Engineering TBA Outline