Advantages of being a Foundation Member:

  • Meeting regularly to exchange and promote ideas with other members equally pledged to support civil engineering education and research.
  • Opportunity to determine the nature and extent of under-graduate and post-graduate education and research and the ability to influence the range and content of professional material in courses.
  • Ability to encourage the initiation of research projects which they believe to be important to their company.
  • Ability to promote and supervise thesis ideas with under-graduate students with the aim of employing them on a full time basis.
  • Members have the assurance of ready access to civil engineering advice, guidance and advanced knowledge on projects being considered by the member company.
  • Foundation discount on seminars, courses, consulting and research projects.
  • Advantage of preferred joining with School on ARC Research Linkage Grants.
  • Opportunity to join Foundation networking luncheons with allied members for forum on ideas, problems and solving solutions.
2011 Executive Committee

Mr Peter Thornton
Worley Parsons

Deputy President
Dr Kourosh Kayvani

Prof Kim Rasmussen
Head, School of Civil Engineering

Deputy Director
Prof David Airey
Director, CGR

Foundation Officer
Mr Malcolm Boyd