School of Civil engineering Welcome to civil engineering at the University of Sydney

Welcome to the School of Civil Engineering

The School of Civil Engineering at Sydney offer students a well-rounded understanding of the discipline, combined with the much sought-after design, research and problem-solving skills needed to help create and manage sustainable built and natural environments.

Our pioneering research endeavours to uncover vital knowledge to benefit society. We take a systems approach in our teaching and research, fostering innovative and creative solutions for our environment.

Sydney is the top ranked Australian university and 15th in the world for civil engineering and our leadership is reflected in the outcomes of our teaching and research, and leading alumni.

Poised for society's needs and challenges

Our research strengths lie in structures, geomechanics, fluids and complex systems, and we're expanding our expertise and facilities continuously to meet the growing range of issues associated with sustainability, climate change, water management and the natural environment.

Our undergraduate engineering degrees are accredited by Engineers Australia, and we also offer coursework and research-orientated degrees. What's more, our degrees in project management and project leadership provide fundamental skills that can be applied across a wide range of sectors and industries.

Here today, and tomorrow.

Our graduates, research and laboratory facilities provide vital support for the civil engineering profession. We provide data, knowledge and consultation for today's civil and environmental engineers - and train the professionals that will help tackle tomorrow's challenges.

School news

  • Tiny grains - big win [24 October 2014]

    Professor Itai Einav winner of Europe's prestigious ALERT Research medal in his laboratory

    We are yet to truly understand sand. A medal winning paper describes a new formula for understanding the resistance of piles penetrating into crushable grains, their size distribution and their evolution in time and space.More...

  • Pee on the pods [7 August 2014]

    Pee on the pods

    Urine could be successfully recycled to fertilise crops according to University of Sydney civil engineering researchers who have examined the effectiveness of reusing nutrients from the human waste.More...

  • ARC Future Fellowships recognise research strengths at Sydney [24 July 2014]

    ARC Future Fellowships recognise research strengths at Sydney

    The University of Sydney's strength in science and engineering has been recognised with the announcement of 13 Australian Research Council Future Fellowships.More...