Our People

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Administrative support staff
Ms Susanne Farrar School Administration Manager
Ms Margaret Gardoll Program Manager - Project Management
Ms Jessica Mullins Administration Manager - Project Management
Natalie Chan Student Coordinator - Project Management
Ms Cynthia Papangelis Administrative Advisor Undergraduate
Ms Daniela Entenmann Administration Officer
Mr Paul Lam Finance Manager
Mr Earnest Jayarajan Finance Officer
Ms Rei Yamagishi Administration Officer
Ms Lorraine Di Masi Administration Assistant
Technical Support Staff
Mr Ross Barker Senior Technical Officer
Mr Todd Budrodeen Technical Officer
Mr Paul Burrell Technical Officer
Mr Theo Gresley-Daines Technical Officer
Mr James Ryder Technical Officer
Mr Sergio de Carvalho Technical Officer
Mr Brett Jones Technical Officer
Mr Garry Towell Workshop and Labratory Manager and School Safety Officer