Postgraduate Research Students

Student Research Topic
Tanim Ahmed Seismic behaviour of drive-in steel storage racks
Fahad Allahaim Causes of Cost Overrun of Infrastructure Projects and How to Improve Estimating Practice
Seyed Yaser Banihashemi Chaharom A Contingency Framework for Inter-organizational Relationship (IOR) Governance in Infrastructure Projects
Shengyang Chen Particle transport and mixing in reservoirs and lakes
Sagar Das Characterization of mechanical properties of brittle materials at high strain rates using Hopkinson bar facility
Trung Van Doan Long-term Behaviour of Concrete Bridges
Youventharan Duraisamy Strength and Stiffness Improvement of Biocemented Liquefiable Sandy Soil
Thomas Earl Measurement of Complex 3 Dimensional Turbulent Flows with Tomographic PIV
Ahmed Faheem Ventilated Hollow Core Floor Slabs for energy efficient buildings
Ali Ghavam-Nasiri Adaptive numerical methods for the investigation of coupled hydro-mechanical problems in unsaturated soils
Loc Ha Reliability-based evaluation of bridge load-carrying capacity
Md Imran Kabir Modeling of urban green water infrastructures
Arif Khan Quantifying and comparing the dynamicity of Longitudinal social networks
Claire Yeryung, Kim-Chung Towards a Social Network Model for Expertise Coordination: Access & Sharing
Alan Moore Wind Effects on Tall Buildings
Wenyu Liu System Reliability-Based Criteria for Designing Steel Structures by Advanced Analysis

Kate McDonell

Nanoengineering carbon nanotubes for improvement of the bundled properties

Tom Miller Investigations into heat transfer in granular materials using discrete experimental and numerical methods
Mohammad Mojtahedi Modeling Stakeholders’ behavioral approaches toward natural disasters in different infrastructure projects
Abolghasem Naghib Experimental and analytical investigation of motions in the near shore regions of lakes and reservoirs
Joachim Paetzold Parabolic trough concentrating solar power: System optimisation from a wind engineering perspective
Md Mahfuzur Rahman Long-Term Behavior of Reinforced Concrete Slabs
James Reynolds Design optimisation and reliability-based advanced 3D analysis of high-strength scaffolding systems
Francisco Sena Cardoso Advanced analysis methods for locally unstable steel structures
Alexander Soo Price formation in construction contract auctions
Yamuna Subramaniyam Trends of Network Properties in Confined Comminution
Gerard Taig Modelling the Ultimate Behaviour of Composite Members Subjected to Quasi-Static, Dynamic and Thermal Loads
Alessandro Tengattini Cemented Granular Materials: A Micro Mechanical Study
Adam Trouncer Advanced analysis for locally unstable steel structures
Yongling Zhao Enhancement of heat transfer by natural convection

Recently completed postgraduate students

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