Research Grants

CASE members are regularly successful in securing competitive research grants from both internal and external funding bodies, confirming the significance and reputation for excellence of CASE research.

Below are some of the current and recent grants funding the ongoing work of CASE members.

Australian Research Council Discovery Project grants

  • 'Direct strength method of design of simple and complex thin-walled shapes for combined actions'
    Hancock & Pham
  • 'System reliability-based criteria for designing steel structures by advanced analysis'
    Rasmussen, Zhang & Ellingwood
  • 'The time-dependent stiffness of cracked reinforced concrete'
    Gilbert & Ranzi
  • 'Unified analysis of steel and composite frame structures subjected to static, thermal, earthquake and blast loading'
    Heidarpour & Ranzi
  • 'Advanced analysis methods for locally unstable steel structures'
    Rasmussen & Hancock

Australian Research Council Linkage Project grants

  • 'Long-span cold-formed steel portal frames'
    Rasmussen, Zhang, Filonov, Mysore & Sharma
  • 'Seismic behaviour of drive-in steel storage racks'
    Rasmussen, Zhang, Clarke, Yang & Berry
  • 'Behaviour of lifting inserts for precast concrete construction'
    Ranzi, Gilbert & Mackay-Sim
  • 'Behaviour of post-tensioned composite steel-concrete slabs'
    Ranzi, Uy, and Gowripalan
  • 'Time-dependent response and deformations of composite beams with innovative deep trapezoidal decks'
    Bradford, Uy, Ranzi & Filonov
  • 'High-strength formwork systems'

Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence grants

  • 'ARC Centre of Excellence in Design in Light Metals'
    Muddle, Nordmann, Hodgson, Schaffer, Ferry, Ringer, Xia, Nie, Davies, Hutchinson, Barnett, Dahle, Caceres, Hoffman, Dunlop, Couper, Embury, Lortto, Humphreys, Arnberg, Fraser, Brechet, Atrens, Birbilis, Estrin, Ma, Shen, Zhang, Hirsch, Hutchinson, Liu, Poole, Wu & Zhang

Australian Research Council Linkage Project Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities grants

  • 'Strengthening merit-based access and support at the new National Computing Infrastructure petascale supercomputing facility'
    Botten, Leinweber, Radom, Gready, England, Mark, Blackburn, Hogg, Jakob, Pitman, Powell, Rasmussen, Moresi, Yu, Knackstedt, Bilek, Ragan, Schmidt, Muller, Pukala, Soria, Turney, Hourigan, Adelson, Khanna, Denier & Pailthorpe
  • 'Joint processing facility for the production of far-from-equilibrium alloy structures'
    Liao, Laws, Sha, Ringer, Ferry, Wang, Wang, Chan, Proust, Young, Zhang & Lu
  • 'Flexible architecture high-performance computing facility for the intersect consortium of New South Wales'
    Radom, Cairns, Crawford, Shen, Wade, Wilkins, Abbass, Dzurak, Evans, Wen, Poulton, Arnold, Botten, Ford, Rahmani, O'Neill, Cheung, Johnson, Henskens, Borwein, Marchant, Hagenbuchner, Tieu, Rose, Gillies, Harrison, Waters, Leedham & Murison
  • 'Advanced focused ion beam (FIB)/scanning electron microscopes (SEM) for nanometre-scale characterisation and fabrication'
    Cairney, Munroe, Ringer, Ferry, Mai, Liao, McKenzie, Wenham, Dzurak, Stevens-Kalceff, Spinks, Dou, Valanoor, Liu, Proust, Young, Braet, Chan-Ling, Maschmeyer, Chan, Traini, Swain, Harris, Crawford &, Potts
  • 'Split Hopkinson bar facility for high-strain-rate testing of materials'
    Shen, Hoffman, Einav, Ranzi, Liao, Mai, Bradford, Gilbert, Foster & Liu

Other research grants

  • 'Reliability analysis for complex infrastructure systems using Bayesian network'
    Zhang, Hossain & Rasmussen
  • 'Multilevel modelling and computational method for mechanical analysis of fluid-saturated porous media'
    Zhang, Chen, Zheng, Duan, Zhang, Xing, Shen, Wang, Lian & Liu
  • 'Sustainable structural design of deteriorating civil infrastructures in aggressive environments'
  • 'Large-span steel space structures composed of single-layer lattice shells'
  • 'Computing for clean water: an international effort'
  • 'Structural properties of metal-ceramic interfaces in advanced composite materials for high-temperature applications'
    Proust, Radovic & Karaman
  • 'Structural-environmental testing facility for durable structures and sustainable environmental systems'
    Ranzi & Maggi
  • 'Steel and composite structures subjected to extreme actions'
  • 'Assessing structural reliability including epistemic uncertainty'
  • 'MODEL 691 Precision Ion Polishing System (PIPS) with a cold stage'
    Liao & Proust
  • 'The mechanics of shear connectors and composite members at elevated temperatures'
  • 'Behaviour of restrained composite steel-concrete floor beams at elevated temperatures'