Research Grants

Below are some of the current and recent grants funding the ongoing work of members of the Centre for Advanced Structural Engineering (CASE).

CASE members are regularly successful in securing competitive research grants from both internal and external funding bodies, confirming the significance and reputation for excellence of CASE research.


  • Hybrid steel-framed structural systems for mid-rise buildings
    Hancock G, Pham C; Australian Research Council (ARC)/Discovery Projects (DP).
  • A tool to observe nanoscale deformation by transmission Kikuchi diffraction
    Liao X, Cairney J, Lu C, Yang C, Trimby P, Li H, Proust G, Xiang Y, Mai Y; Australian Research Council (ARC)/Linkage Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities (LIEF).
  • Impact and blast mitigation in structures using novel nano-enhanced polyurea coatings
    Mohotti P, Dias da Costa D, Proust G; School of Civil Engineering/Civil Engineering Research Development Scheme.
  • How nanoscale deformation mechanisms affect the mechanical behavior of materials
    Liao X, Cairney J, Mai Y, Proust G; University of Sydney/Equipment Grant.


  • Reliability and full-range analysis of joints in steel frameworks
    Rasmussen K, Zhang H, Silva L; Australian Research Council (ARC)/Discovery Projects (DP).
  • ARC Research Hub for transforming waste directly in cost effective green manufacturing
    Rasmussen K; Australian Research Council (ARC)/Industrial Transformation Research Hubs (ITRH).
  • ARC Training Centre for Advanced Manufacturing of Prefabricated Housing
    Mendis P, Ngo T, Rasmussen K, Ranzi G, Aitchison M, Newman P, Hao H, Zhao X, Manzie C, Qiao G, Aye L, Duffield C, Singh P, Bai Y, Crawford R, Noguchi M, Fiorito F; Australian Research Council (ARC)/Industrial Transformation Training Centres (ITTC).
  • Microtimber - Development of a 3D printed, gradient timber panel composed of forestry waste and by-products
    Loschke S, Dong A, Ranzi G, Proust G; Forest and Wood Products Australia Ltd/Research and Development Scheme.
  • Composite Materials For High-Performance Buildings
    Bocciarelli M, Ranzi G; DVC Research/International Research Collaboration Award (IRCA).
  • Adaptive structural systems for high-performance buildings
    Ranzi G; Australian Research Council (ARC)/Future Fellowships (FT).
  • Computational framework for fracture in concrete structures
    Dias da Costa D; Australian Research Council (ARC)/Discovery Early Career Researcher Award (DECRA).
  • Transport phenomena in granular materials for energy applications
    Gan Y, Hanaor D, Proust G, Kamlah M, Abdou M, McMeeking R; DVC International/IPDF Grant.
  • 3D Hopkinson Bar
    Einav I, Shen L; Australian Research Council (ARC)/Linkage Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities (LIEF).


  • Sydney Opera House - Concrete Conservation Strategy Project
    Rasmussen K, Ranzi G, Dias da Costa D, Valix M, Abbas A, Fiorito F, Logan C; Sydney Opera House Trust/Research Project.
  • Integrated multilayered floor systems for high-performance buildings
    Ranzi G, Rasmussen K, Dias da Costa D, Clayton T, Szalla J; Australian Research Council (ARC)/Linkage Projects (LP).
  • Cold-rolled Aluminium Structural Members and Systems
    Rasmussen K, Pham C, Filonov A, Sharma S; Australian Research Council (ARC)/Linkage Projects (LP).
  • Built-up cold-formed steel structures
    Rasmussen K, Zhang H, Schafer B; Australian Research Council (ARC)/Discovery Projects (DP).
  • Multi Axial Fatigue Crack Growth Non-proportional Axial-Shear Loads - Phase 1: Validation of Equipment
    Rasmussen K; Defence Science and Technology Group/Research Support.
  • State-of-the-Art Facility for Non-destructive Testing of Concrete Infrastructure (N-DETECT)
    Rasmussen K; Australian Research Council (ARC)/Linkage Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities (LIEF).
  • Stiffness degradation of concrete members induced by reinforcement corrosion
    Ranzi G, Castel A, Gilbert R, Dias da Costa D; Australian Research Council (ARC)/Discovery Projects (DP).
  • A multi-scale theory of unsaturated porous media under extreme loading
    Shen L, Nguyen G, El Zein A, Maggi F; Australian Research Council (ARC)/Discovery Projects (DP).