Our People

Academic staff

  • Professor Kim Rasmussen, Chair
    Structural mechanics and analysis, behaviour and design of thin-walled steel structures, aluminium and stainless steel structures

  • Professor Gianluca Ranzi, Director
    Modelling, behaviour, experimentation and design of reinforced concrete, precast and composite steel-concrete structures and connections

  • Emeritus Professor Greg Hancock
    Computer analysis of structures, tubular structures, behaviour of thin-walled and cold-formed structures

  • Dr Gwénaëlle Proust
    Experimentation, characterisation and modelling of the mechanical properties of metals, relationships between plastic properties of metals and their microstructure

  • Associate Professor Luming Shen
    Solid mechanics, multiscale modelling and simulation, advanced structural materials, impact engineering

  • Associate Professor Tim Wilkinson
    Tubular structures, connections, welding, finite element analysis, engineering education

  • Dr Hao Zhang
    Non-linear finite element modelling, structural reliability analysis, probabilistic risk assessment of engineering facilities, seismic design

Professional staff

  • Dr Mohanad Mursi, Manager
    Composite structures, reinforced concrete structures, design and instrumentation of structural testing systems
  • Dr John P Papangelis
    Computer analysis of steel structures, chief developer and manager of CASE’s suite of user-friendly computer programs

Honorary staff