Testing and Consulting

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CASE offers the following specialised professional testing and consulting services in the field of structural engineering to national and international industry in civil, mechanical and aeronautical engineering as well as other fields.


  • Standard and specialised testing using a range of static and dynamic testing equipment together with a wide range of independent actuators, controllers, transducers and data loggers
  • Control testing, proof testing, product development, model testing and analysis confirmation
  • Mechanical testing, prototype testing and calibrations


  • Guidance on the design of structures and products using expert knowledge, advanced computer analysis and structural testing

Proof engineering

  • Independent checks of design calculations for structural adequacy, including of large and unusual structures, involving structural analysis and calculations to Australian and/or international design standards

Forensic engineering

  • Independent investigation and assessment of the causes of structural failures

Design and development

  • Contribution to Australian Standards® relating to structural design through research and service on Standards Australia’s technical committees
  • Design of structures and structural components, including of unusual and difficult structures
  • Specialised design assistance including design code interpretation and development of design procedures
  • Design calculations for load tables and the like, typically for new products

Expert witness services

  • Independent expert advice for legal proceedings


  • Supply of high-quality computer software packages to facilitate design and analysis, particularly relating to steel products in accordance with AS 4100, AS/NZS 4600 and other relevant standards and codes
  • Development of customised software for new products


  • Training programs for the professional development of practising engineers


CASE hosts outstanding laboratories and equipment for the testing of materials and structures, as well as high-performance parallel computing facilities.

  • The split Hopkinson bar facility consists of a compression, a tension and a torsion tester. This facility is used to measure the dynamic properties of various materials including concrete, alloys, rocks and composites under strain rates of up to 10,000/s. This is essential to many applications in impact engineering, blast-resistant design and crashworthiness studies. There is also a temperature control device that can heat specimens to 800°C. As a result, the combined effects of strain and temperature on material properties can be studied.
  • Other CASE equipment serves a broad range of requirements from heavy engineering applications to fine micro-components.
    -Large-scale and heavy drilling work
    -Water-jet cutter
    -Lathes: Mason 30" swing, Colchester Triumph 2500 and Colchester Bantam
    -Milling machines: Pacific FCM 2000, Deckel FP2 and Cincinatti
    -Saws: Kasto, Eisle and Forte
    -Drill presses, pedestal drill and radial drill
    -Profile cutter
    -Grinding machines including cylinder and surface grinders
    -Bandsaw and circular saw
    -Woodworking machines
    -Welding facilities: Transmig 250, 330 and 400; Lincoln square wave TIG and submerged arc welder, TIG and MIG welding
    -Large-scale rigging equipment
    -Sheet metal machinery