Geomechanics and Geoenvironmental Laboratory

geomechanics geoenvironmental

The Geomechanics and Geoenvironmental Laboratory (GGL) is part of the Sydney Centre in Geomechanics and Mining Materials (SciGEM). It comprises a group of specialist researchers working across a very broad field of multidisciplinary research.

The main disciplines addressed by GGL researchers are geomechanics and geoenvironmental engineering, but their work overlaps with related fields including earth sciences, soil mechanics, rock mechanics, particles and grains research, foundation engineering, marine geotechnics, environmental geotechnics and engineering geology.

The primary aim of the GGL is to advance the theory and application of geomechanics and geoenvironmental engineering, in order to address current and future challenges affecting communities around the world.

Its strong links with industry, and the support provided by its industry partners, are central to achieving this aim.