Mining Materials Laboratory

Analysing the results of dynamic compaction testing

Analysing the results of dynamic compaction testing

The Mining Materials Laboratory (MML) is part of the Sydney Centre in Geomechanics and Mining Materials (SciGEM). Its overall aim is to improve the efficiency, sustainability and environmental impacts of geo-mining systems.

The MML was established in 2013 to capitalise on the faculty's strong pool of materials scientists by channelling their research efforts into initiatives relating specifically to the mining industry. The approach of its members is to 'put the science back into mining', thus complementing the traditional emphasis on technical operations.

MML members work with both the materials used in mining operations, and the materials extracted as a result of mining operations. Emphasis is given to the characterisation of these materials and how they perform under the particular mechanical loading conditions relevant to mining operations.

The work of MML researchers is driven by the joint concerns of acknowledgement of the environmental challenges of mining operations and desire to provide optimal outcomes in terms of resource extraction.

MML members will actively develop collaborations with other disciplines of engineering and science across both the faculty and the University, as well as facilitating strategic meetings with both local and international mining executives and government.

In this way the MML will strengthen the University of Sydney's collaborations with international academic institutions and mining companies in Australia and around the world, while actively identifying and establishing further such strategic relationships.