Our People

Academic and Research Staff

Professor John Patterson, Director
Buoyancy driven flows; Boundary layer stability and transition; Radiation induced flows in lakes and reservoirs; Stability of radiation induced flows; Mixing and transport in lakes and reservoirs; Lake and reservoir water quality modelling; Estuarine flows; Experimental methods for buoyancy driven flows.

Associate Professor Chengwang Lei, Deputy Director
Buoyancy driven flows; Thermal boundary layers; Heat transfer enhancement; Solar thermal technologies in buildings; Natural ventilation; Mixing and transport in reservoirs and lakes; Vortex induced vibration.

Dr Federico Maggi
Geophysical flows of water; Transport and fate of chemical species; Bio-physical processes linked to plants and soil microbial communities; Water and soil processes and quality, ecohydrology, biogeochemistry, environmental engineering and protection, and ecosystem service and sustainability.

Dr Kapil Chauhan
Turbulent Boundary Layers; Rough-wall boundary layers; Scalar dispersion; Entrainment; Scaling in high Reynolds number flows; Wind engineering; Experimental fluid dynamics and methods – Particle image velocimetry, Hot-wire anemometry, unsteady pressure measurement.

Dr Murali Krishna Talluru
Turbulent boundary layers; Dispersion of pollutants; Shear flows; Flow control; Drag reduction; Experimental techniques.

Dr Jingping Wu
Tribology in bio-engineering systems at macro- and micro-scale; 3D image acquisition, processing and characterization of engineering and bio-engineering materials; Mechanical properties of biomaterials and associated particles; Wear debris analysis for fault diagnosis and machine condition monitoring; Optical techniques for quantitative temperature and flow measurements.

Dr Joshua Yen
Dynamic stall on helicopter and wind turbine blades; Unsteady separation of boundary layers; Synthetic jet flow control; Particle Image Velocimetry and Laser Induced Fluorescence; Buoyancy driven flows.

Dr Yongling Zhao
Buoyancy driven flows; Boundary layer stability and transition; Heat transfer enhancement; Two-phase flow; Solid adsorption; Air-handling units of HVAC systems. 

Associate Research Staff

Professor David Airey
Associate Professor Abbas El-Zein
Dr Fernando Alonso-Marroquin

Technical Staff

Mr Garry Towell
Mr Theo Gresley-Daines

Current Postgraduate Students

Daniele la Cecilia (2016-2018)
Project Title: Improving modelling for biodegradation of agrochemicals in soil to make informed choices
Supervisor(s): Federico Maggi
Description: The research aims at understanding the breakdown pathway of agrochemicals in soil in order to model their fate and biodegradation potential under different hydrometeorological scenarios.

Shengyang Chen (2014-2017)
Project Title: Full-scale modelling of eutrophic reservoirs with oxygenation and destratification systems using a coupled hydrodynamic model
Supervisor(s):  Chengwang Lei and John Little
Description: The purpose of the research is to develop a coupled hydrodynamic model for predicting mixing, oxygen dynamics and water quality in dendritic reservoirs, to identify the mixing effect on water quality, and to optimise the design of the oxygenation and destratification systems.

Imran Kabir (2013-2015)
Project Title: Metal biogeochemical cycles in green water infrastructures
Supervisor(s): Federico Maggi
Description: The project aims at describing in a mechanistic way the metal removal potential in green water infrastructures in urban environment. To this aim, mechanistic description of major biogeochemical and hrological processes are used with experiments to assess environmental risk of metal contamination.

Cai Li (2013-2015)
Project Title: CO2 geosequestration
Supervisor(s): Federico Maggi
Description: The project combines experimental data and advanced mathematical modelig of CO2 geosequestration in saline aquifers

Ghasem Naghib (2012-2016)
Project Title: Experimental and analytical investigation of radiation-induced natural convection in the near shore regions of lakes and reservoirs
Supervisor(s): John Patterson and Chengwang Lei
Description: The purpose if this research is to build on previous analytical, experimental and computational results characterising the circulation and stability properties of the flows generated by the unequal heating caused by radiation absorption in the near shore regions, using primarily concurrent PIV/ LIF and shadowgraph visualisation, and 3D stability analysis.

Thu Ha Nguyen (2016-2019)
Project Title: Biological flocculation of suspended particle matters in aqueous ecosystem.
Supervisor(s): Federico Maggi
Description: This research focuses on the impacts of microorganisms on the formation as well as the hydrodynamics of aggregates under simultaneous effects of physical, chemical and biological processes in aquatic ecosystem.

Fiona Tang (2013-2016)
Project Title: Dynamics of suspended sediment in nutrient- and biomass-affected waters
Supervisor(s): Federico Maggi
Description: The project aims at understanding the extent to which nitrogen modulates the dynamics of native microbial communities living in sedimentary ecosystem and how biological activities and ecological functions can alter the physical properties of suspended sediment. Investigations were conducted by integrating experiments in settling column with computational biogeochemical modelling.


Associate Professor Liping Yao
(College of Engineering and Technology, Southwest University)
Computational fluid dynamics; Thermocapillary flow in semiconductor crystal growth; Buoyancy driven flows; Heat and mass transfer

Dr Silvano Fares
(National Research Council for Agriculture, CRA, Rome, Italy)
Ecohydrology and vegetative processes including exchange of mass and energy between canopy and the atmosphere; canopy-related Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) release, O2, CO2, water and energy fluxes as well as ecosystem sustainability.