Enrolment & unit of study selection

How to enrol & select your units of study

If you are a continuing student, you need to re-enrol so you can select your units of study for 2017. Enrolment will open for 2017 in late 2016 after the results of all your 2016 units of study are official.

  • We suggest all students use CUSP (Course and Unit of Study Portal) as your course planner to decide which units of study you should select for 2017.
  • Please visit the university enrolment website for instructions on how to select and change your units in the Sydney Student system.
  • We recommend that you select your units for 2017 as early as possible to get access to your timetable and study resources as soon as they are available.
  • In person academic advice sessions to help you with your unit of study selections will be available in January and February 2017. Details will be posted soon.

Resolutions and policies regarding unit of study selection and our recommended enrolment sequence

  • The Engineering and Information Technologies Undergraduate Handbook and Engineering and Information Technologies Postgraduate Handbook list the Faculty Resolutions (which apply to all students in the faculty) and the course resolutions (there are separate course resolutions for each of our single and combined degrees, eg BE; BIT; BPM, MPM, BE/BA etc).
  • CUSP (Course and unit of study portal) is our degree planner, providing tables of units of study and recommended enrolment menus for each year of your study.
  • The maximum enrolment is 24 credit points per semester. In exceptional circumstances, we may give permission for a higher enrolment for students with a good academic record. Requests for selecting more than 24 credit points are done using the special permissions request within Sydney Student - you will need to include good reasons why a higher enrolment should be given and have a good academic record.

Can I do units of study out of sequence? What happens if I fail a unit of study?

  • Our formal faculty resolutions for undergraduate students state: A student shall enrol in any lower year level core units of study for which he or she was qualified to enrol in any previous year and for which credit has not yet been gained as a priority above any higher year level units of study irrespective of meeting of meeting any pre-requisite requirements of the higher year units.
  • For example, if you did not pass MATH1001 in first year, you must enrol in that unit next year.
  • Students should be aware that a consequence of failure may be that they will not graduate in the usual time. The usual enrolment for students is 24 credit points per semester.

Part time study

Effective 2014, we will permit part time enrolment in all undergraduate degrees except BE/LLB, BIT/LLB and BE/BDesArch.

Postgraduate coursework students may enrol part-time.

However, any student considering moving to part time enrolment should be aware of the following:

  • International students may not enrol part time if a requirement of their student visa is to enrol full time.
  • Our undergraduate degrees are primarily designed and timetabled for a standard full time enrolment of 24 credit points. Undertaking part time study may not necessarily provide substantial periods of free time to allow for other commitments such as full time work.
  • The same degree time limits apply for full time and part time students. On average you need to progress at a rate of at least 12 credit points per semester to complete a degree within the time limit.
  • Most undergraduate units of study are offered only in one semester per year, and this should be taken into account in any enrolment plan.

Degree time limits

The absolute maximum time limit for completing any degree is 10 years, and in many cases the time limit is shorter.

The Engineering and Information Technologies Undergraduate Handbook and Engineering and Information Technologies Postgraduate Handbook list the time limits that apply for each degree.

Students who appear likely not to be able to finish within the time limit may be asked to "show good cause", and will be ineligble to be awarded their degree after the time limit is reached.