Student Leadership Academy

2017 Dymocks Innovation Challenge

Open to all undergraduate students

First Round Online Submission Extended > Friday 7 April

Looking for a chance to be creative, strategic, and innovative?

The Dymocks Innovation Challenge is an opportunity for undergraduate students to solve real-world challenges in multi-disciplinary teams.

Each team will work on a submission in response to one of three themes related to the business needs of Dymocks Australia.

Teams will receive mentorship from Dymocks Leadership and access to Design Thinking practices.

First Prize $5000 | Second Prize $1500 | Audience Prize $750

Originality, Creativity, Innovation

Open to all current undergraduate students of all disciplines!

Download the Brief and find out more online

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About the Student Leadership Academy

The Student Leadership Academy develops and fosters the next generation of leaders, providing them with a platform to exercise and develop their leadership skills.

Led by the students themselves, the academy is a multidisciplinary initiative supported and guided by the University.

It provides a community where students can collaborate with others from diverse backgrounds such as engineering, business, law, arts and architecture, to tackle the big challenges facing the world.

The Student Leadership Academy offers you:

  • leadership development to complement the expertise and knowledge you will gain through your degree

  • a unique peer-mentoring community to collaborate with on solutions to real-world issues

  • insights from industry through guest speaker events, workshops, projects and competitions

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