Dashboard to support student metacognitive processes

Project Description

This project aims to provide a new form of feedback to students during the semester so that they can better judge the potential implications of their progress.
The project will harness rich collections of learning data during the semester. This currently includes measures of learning progress, such as self-tests and assignments and includes measures of engagement, such as activity on discussion boards and activity on the LMS. Importantly, it can also include metacognitive and attitudinal measures, collected in online surveys.

Together, these will be used to create a student- and staff-facing dashboard. This aims to provide a new form of feedback to students, which supports their metacognitive processes of self-reflection, self-monitoring and planning their learning through the semester.

The project will build and evaluate a process that teachers use to create the dashboard which can then be made available to students. The process will enable the teacher to discover correlations between final grades and rich collections of data available through the semester.

The Team

Professor Judy Kay
Lynn Crawford
Associate Professor
Keith Willey
Alan Fekete
Ehssan Sakhaee
Phillip Gough
Danny Liu
Micah Goldwater
Associate Professor
Bob Kummerfeld

2017 Project Updates


We started off with a meeting to discuss the different ways that we have been collecting data from different classes, which could be used to give feedback to students in these classes. We have completed an ethics application for the research and are waiting for the feedback from the committee.
We also have one additional researcher joining the team, Dr Ehssan Sakhaee, from Civil Engineering, and have found some research associates to join as well.


The main focus of our research is creating and communicating a process that other teaching staff can use to make their own learning dashboard, for themselves and for students to see their own data.

In order to help teaching staff build a dashboard, we are exploring how we can make a single script that teachers download and modify. We hope to distribute the script as a Jupyter notebook, including worked examples of our entire process.