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  • EIE PhD Student invents X-ray prototype to see through buildings 16 Sep 2015

    Xiaopeng Wang

    Xiaopeng Wang, a PhD student at EIE's Centre of Excellence in Telecommunications research group, has just completed successful trials of the device which uses electromagnetic waves to bounce information off walls. Mr Wang said that under the current model the technology can tell the shape and width of a human being. Read more: Read more...

  • CEL PhD student Farzad Noorian's submissions to the GECCO 2015 INDUSTRIAL CHALLENGE was awarded first place. 7 Aug 2015

    GECCO 2015 Industrial Challenge

    Every year, GECCO (Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference) holds an industrial challenge for Computational Intelligence researchers and practitioners to compete on difficult real-world problems provided by industry partners from various fields. The competition of 2015, which was organised by SPOTSeven Lab, Cologne University of Applied Sciences, involved recovering missing data from a central heating system. Read more...

  • A/Prof Yonghui Li, Prof Branka Vucetic and Dr Peng Wang are awarded ARC Linkage Project funding15 July 2015

    yonghui li

    The project - "Agile transmission and massive random access for machine to machine communications," ARC Linkage Grant, 2015-2018, $360,000 - aims to develop novel communications techniques that are tailored to unique M2M network characteristics and requirements and demonstrate the proposed algorithms in practical systems. The outcomes are intended to contribute to the modernisation and transformation of critical infrastructures into smart systems, delivering more reliable, efficient and cost-effective services.

  • The University of Sydney Energy Research Event 28 May 2015

    thsinghua-sydney energy research event

    Faculty of Engineering and IT at the University of Sydney, through its School of Electrical and Information Engineering and Clean Intelligent Energy Networks Research Cluster, successfully launched a research event on the 28th May 2015 to present the opportunities and challenges of power and energy research. Read more...