School of Electrical and Information Engineering

This is an exciting time in Electrical and Information Engineering, as the nation turns to its top educational and research institutions for guidance about energy, environment, aging population and technology paradigm shifts. Electrical and information engineering disciplines provide solutions to the most critical problems facing the world today.

The School of Electrical and Information Engineering undertakes cutting-edge research across a wide range of engineering and information technology sub-disciplines, with focus on future energy networks, wireless engineering, computer, software and photonics engineering.

Over the years, the School has grown to host the largest research program in the Faculty of Engineering. We are particularly proud of the tradition of excellence of our graduate programmes and their rich variety. In many branches of Electrical and Information Engineering, the School has world-renowned experts amongst its staff.

Latest News & Events

  • 2016 Scholarships and Prizes Presentation 30 June 2016

    2016 Industry Prizes

    The 2016 Electrical and Information Engineering Prize Giving Presentation celebrated the achievements of our students for the 2015 academic year and acknowledged the support we receive from industry, government and the wider community. Read more...

  • ARC Laureate Fellowship for School wireless communications specialist 6 May 2016

    Branka fellow of ATSE

    Wireless communications specialist Professor Branka Vucetic has received a prestigious Australian Laureate Fellowship.The Laureate scheme recognises the best research in Australia and from around the world and encourages innovative research considered essential to Australia's development of new ideas, economic growth and an enhanced quality of life. Branka's fellowship is a testament to the sustained excellence of her research and leadership in the field of electrical and information engineering. Read more...

  • New mental health support for youth 11 Apr 2016

    Rafael Calvo on channel 7

    Prof Rafael Calvo, Director of Software Engineering at Electrical and Information Engineering, teamed up with to develop an online tool which helps volunteers to better respond to users in need of help. Watch more...

  • Duncan Moss secures Intel internship6 Apr 2016

    Intel internship

    Algorithms designed by Duncan Moss, a researcher and PhD candidate in the School of EIE, "will allow Datacentres to run with less power but just as efficiently". Read more...