Industry Answers Students' Questions Lunchtime Sessions

Each year the Foundation organises lunch time sessions where Foundation Governors
can speak to the students and the students can ask questions to industry representatives.

Speakers are asked to address the following issues:

Demand for Engineering Graduates


  • The company's intakes of engineering graduates from this and other Australian universities
  • Intakes of computer, ecommerce, electrical, software, power  and telecoms engineering graduates
  • Types of work available for computer, ecommerce, electrical, power, software and telecoms engineering graduates
  • Intakes of pass level graduates
  • Intakes of combined degree graduates: which degrees, extra starting remuneration

The Employment Process

  • Skills and attributes looked for when hiring engineering graduates
  • How to apply for employment: when, where, to whom
  • Salaries: Starting, progression, bonuses, hours of work, holidays

Development Opportunities within an Organisation


  • Engineer graduate development programs available
  • Other development opportunities

Work Experience Opportunities

  • Address of your company's website giving information on work experience opportunities
  • Work experience openings available at the end of this year for third years
  • How to apply for work experience: when, where, to whom