Work Experience Program

The Work Experience Requirement

Students at the School of Electrical and Information Engineering are required to undertake
twelve weeks of work experience at the end of their third year. This requirement was introduced at the request of industry through EngineeringAustralia's accreditation regulations.

For most students the December to February period is the only practicable time for them to undertake this experience. We recognise that this is a difficult time for industry to take on placements. Many discussions have failed to find a workable alternative for most students.

The minimum requirement for the work experience is that the students gain the experience of working co-operatively with others and working under supervision in an engineering environment.

There is no stipulated rate of pay. The School would like to suggest that a payment of $3,000 for the twelve week period ($1,000 a month) would be appropriate.

The University provides insurance cover for School of Electrical and Information Engineering students undertaking work to fulfil the work experience requirement for their degrees. For further information on insurance cover, see

By thinking of some short-term projects which students could do in work experience placements industry people can help both their own organisations and the students. Our students are very keen and up-to-date with the latest information technology. Companies often hire students they met through work experience placements.

Student CVs Portfolio

Each year the Foundation collects the CVs of third and fourth year students who were seeking work experience places at the end of the year. These are collected in a Word file and will be emailed as an attachment to industry people upon request.

CVs are collected in May and August of each year.

Your organisation may wish to contact one or more of the students with a view to offering them work experience at the end of the year or discussing their career intentions upon graduation. The students' email addresses are shown on their CVs.

To request the CVs, please contact the Foundation on

Preparation of Student CVs

The Foundation invites third year students (or fourth year students in the case of 5-year degree students) seeking work experience places to send their CVs to the Foundation in the format suggested below. CVs should be sent as Word attachments to

The Foundation will distribute the CVs it receives to industry people who request to receive the CVs. A condition placed on distribution is that students follow the format below when preparing their CVs. Uniformity in format makes it easier for people to scan a number of CVs.

The Foundation will distribute the CVs of students seeking work experience places twice during the year: once in May and once in August. The cut-off date for the receipt of CVs to be distributed during May 2006 is 1 May 2006. The cut-off date for the receipt of CVs to be distributed during August 2006 is 1 August 2006. After those dates, no more CVs will be accepted for distribution.

Industry people interested in offering the student a work experience place will contact the student directly through the email address stated in the student's CV, not through the Foundation. It is then up to the student to pursue the opportunity.

Students should not assume that the distribution of their CVs to industry by the Foundation will bring them a work experience placement. In the past only a minority of the students whose CVs were distributed received enquiries from industry as a result. Students should continue their own efforts to seek out work experience placements. One of the benefits of the work experience program is that students are required to research the market for potential employers and to gain some experience in approaching and presenting themselves to potential employers before they graduate and have to seek a full-time job.

See Guidelines for the Preparation of Student CVs


Student Reports on their Work Experience

The Foundation recommends that, in order for both the company and the student to gain the maximum possible benefit from a work experience placement, companies ask the students to write a report on their placement for the company.

See Suggested Guidelines for a Student Report to the Company


Company Website Addresses giving Information on Work Places

Companies are invited to list a company website address which students can refer to for information on work opportunities and work experience placement opportunities on the Foundation's website. Please send to

See Company Website Addresses giving Information on Work Places

Companies which have Provided Work Experience in the Past

The Foundation maintains a list of some of the companies which have provided work experience places to the School's students in the past.

See Companies which have Provided Work Experience in the Past

Students seeking work experience places are invited to contact these companies by writing to the companies' Human Resources Managers. Individual names are not included in the list of companies as these can change. Students will need to research the names of the Human Resources Managers of these comapnies (or people in equivalent positions) and their addresses before writing.

Companies which would like to be listed on this contact list (or removed from the list) should contact the Foundation on