Computer and Software  Engineering (CSE)

Director: Prof Philip Leong

Computer and Software Engineering (CSE) is at the heart of all modern electronic devices and the core research field that has enabled the current technological revolution. It is not only the basis of current computers and the internet, but also a vital part of mobile phones, portable multimedia devices, biomedical systems, automobiles, aircraft and spaceships. Most of current research in the sciences and several of the arts predominantly use hardware and software that comes out of CSE research.

In our group we have strong research activities in the following areas:

  • Computing: reconfigurable computing, parallel computing
  • Integrated Circuit Design: analogue IC design, neuromorphic engineering, FPGA architectures, RF IC design and RF and digital semiconductor physics
  • Signal Processing: audio processing, image processing and the processing of biomedical signals
  • Software Engineering: Software components, architectures and middleware, real-time systems and software performance engineering
  • Web Engineering: web-application development, data-mining, management applications, financial applications and machine learning.

Computer and Software Group

Research Groups

Biomedical Engineering

Director: Prof Philip De Chazal

Biomedical research covers broad biomedical engineering and technology fields such as image processing and data management, image visualisation and analysis, bioinformatics and data mining, medical devices and networking, biomaterials and regenerative tissue engineering.

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Biomedical Engineering and Technologies People

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Computer Engineering Lab (CEL)

Director: Prof Philip Leong

The Computer Engineering Lab develops novel hardware and software techniques to solve computationally intensive problems. Research areas include reconfigurable computing, FPGA architectures, parallel processing and financial engineering.

Computer Engineering Lab (CEL) Website

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Computing and Audio Research (CARlab)

Director: A/Prof Craig Jin

The Computing and Audio Research Laboratory (CARlab) specialises in three main research areas: "Spatial Audio", "Neuromorphic Engineering", "BioElectronics". 

Computing and Audio Research (CARlab)

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Image Processing Group

The Image Processing group encompasses diverse applications in signals and systems with particular emphasis on image processing.

LATTE Engineering

Director: Prof Rafael Calvo

LATTE researches and develops systems that learn and help people learn. It specialises in learning analytics to support sustained improvement of the student experience.

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Software Engineering (SE)

SE specialises in software architecture, distributed components and middleware, real-time systems and performance engineering.

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