Computing Resources

IT Services

All Staff and students have UniKey accounts created automatically once they are registered in the HR System (staff) or enrolled (students). The UniKey account consists of a login name and a password that grants you access to online services and e-facilities such as email and internet. 

For students these services include free email, internet services both on and off campus, computer access labs and printing services

The University also has site licensing software agreements for students plus there are computer stores on campus if you are looking to purchase any computer products. 

Staff and postgraduate by research students can obtain computer quotes from the preferred university supliers.(UniKey is required)

Your UniKey account will also give you access to Blackboard which is the Sydney University Learning Management System (LMS). 

Further information on accessing the  IT services.


Email adressess are in the format 

  • (staff and research postgraduates)


  • (all students).

When you become a student you are automatically created the lifetime email

Postgraduates by research are considered Staff and are encouraged to request exchange email accounts of the format Exchange email accounts are beneficial for their research work. 

You need to place a request with ICT Helpdesk for the setup of an exchange email account. 

More details for IT assistance at IT services page.

IT Operations & Liaison

  • Rodica Popp (J13-414 1x6575) - IT Operations and Liaison Manager

There are a number of other support staff for the running of the laboratories.

Access to IT resources

If you're a postgraduate please discuss with your supervisor(s) your IT requirements. 

New postgraduates need to contact school admin office first.

Please read the Conditions of Use of Computing Facilities.

Students and Staff

For all your computer queries

Call ICT helpdesk on x16000 (from internal phone lines) or 9351 6000 or email ICT helpdesk with details of your request (hardware, software, unikey, email, location, fault description). 

x1600 is the fastest way to get your problem logged and solved. If your request is not answered in 2-3 days please contact Rodica Popp and provide your ticket number for escalation of the issue.

More details for IT assistance at IT services page.